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The minority are actually those few Americans who “own” there own “prison plantations” and there “own slaves”.

I am not a minority...

I’m apart of the majority of Blacks who are “privileged” to have laws set up that are contributive in the material transmission of wealth of the said minority. I am the medium, on occasion, whom, when charged with guilt, must serve a said penitence for my sin of being born black. I am subject to qualify under certain indispensable conditions, that are set to imprison me, called double jeopardy *under the black codes, crack, learned helplessness, alcoholism, grandfather clause, post traumatic decline in family rights of passage, due to genocide. So that through “due process” I can become the citizen preserved in the union of the Emancipation Proclamation. Or, as if the law permits, will, and can, attain, said salvation, through slavery, until I have reached said threshold of death, through double jeopardy, or membership, through due process, of slavery or indenture servitude.

Peace be upon you