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      Blackicon Breakdance 14th Amendment "The History of Second Class citizenship: The Video

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      [ame=""]YouTube - 14th Amendment Citizenship: Citizen or citizen?[/ame]

      Black codes of the South pg. 37

      ..." Besides the discrimination practiced against them in the courts, free Negroes found themselves ringed about with various other civil disabilities. Several states required them to register with the courts or other local authoriites, and they were often not permitted to go beyond the county or town in which registered even to seek employment. The punishment for being caught without their registration papers was often severe. In any event, they needed to carry their registration papers at all times as proof that they were free persons.

      The Georgia Code stated: "All negroes and mulattoes are deemed, and are hereby declared to be 'prima facie' slaves, and it rests upon those alleging freedom to prove it. It was not always stated so explicitly, but in all slaveholding states the burden of proof that he was not a slave rested upon the Negro.

      Many states also had restrictions upon the employment or commercial activities of free Negroes which further rendered their earning of an honest livelihood difficult. Examples of such miscellaneous nuisance laws were that of Mississippi which forbade a free Negro "to keep a house of entertainment, or a grocercy store, or to vend spirtuous or intoxicating liqours, and that of North Carolina which forbade free Negroes to "hawk or peddle in any county, without first obtaining a license from the court of pleas and quarter-sessions of that county.

      Amendment 13 - Slavery Abolished...???

      1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

      African people were criminals and convicted for there skin color during religious slavery, prior to Constitutional Slavery.

      Amd 14 says," No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

      But it doesn't say shall abridge the privileges or immunities of previous condition of servitude (*prisoners of war/slaves) in Amd 15.

      1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

      Black people don't have the privileges or immunities of citizenship of due process, life, liberty's, or equal protection of laws granted to other citizens. Because our prior conditions of servitude were not mentioned in Amd. 14

      Peace be upon you

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      The Constitution is just a filthy rag, meant to say what the ruling class needs it to say at any given time. It has about the same value as the worthless paper we call money to which we attribute properties which compels us to exchange it for our valuable, life sustaining labor.
      Build a World Wide Palenque:
      Communities of Resistance!

      Mbantunyankompong and Kilombo Republic

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