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      I Highly Recommend Checking This Joint Out . . .

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      Watch with your third-eye wide open.

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      I've seen that one a couple of months ago. They're once again showing what they're preparing for mankind, mind control to the fullest, nothing new under the sun.

      And no matter what game they play
      We got something they could never take away
      And it's the fire (fire), it's the fire (fire)
      That's burning down everything
      Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire)
      No water could put out this fire (fire)

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      Excellent, Brother. Ijust have one question. what does it mean by having "your third eye opened". I have been searching around for an Afrikan book that can hopefully explain what this is and how I can do it, but to no avail.

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      Check It

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      Opening the Third Eye-Beware

      From Empress Yetzion
      What is the Third Eye and what WE AFRIKANS ALWAYS knew about it

      Note: these are simply expressions IMHO but I feel understanding this subject is a vital part of Afrikan liberation so apologies in advance to those who take offence.

      The Divine 3rd Eye

      Nubia and Ancient Kmt the first advanced human civilization on the grandest scale in the world set the stage and served as inspiration for ALL major religions. No matter what anyone argues arqueology and historians have come to this conclusion.

      Reasoning on this concept I conclude how can I being of Black African decent continue to believe in a system created buy beings that have just recently evolved on this planet? Whose Kings where illiterate? Who until the Muar culture had no paved streets or markets? Whose church leaders taught that numbers and mathematics where of the Devil?!!

      A common image of JC dipped in chocolate…it is still the same fabricated Eurocentric doctrine

      In contrast Afrika knew JAH RA consciousness for thousands of millennia and were the most awesome Beings to walk this planet.
      The Jesus Christ figure was directly taken from the KhRST or exalted anointed beings worshiped in ancient Khemet. If he did exist he had to have been certainly a black African man as his beating, lynching and defamation documented in the biblical text is not at all different to what Afrikans of a higher mental and spiritual level have experienced at the hands of these barbarians since the beginning of our interaction with them.

      The concept of the 3rd Eye in Khemet (for those who don’t know) comes from the allegorical stories of the Divinities. Heru son of Osiris (Asar) and Isis was god of the sky and is usually shown as a falcon, or a man with a falcon's head wearing the crown of all Egypt as pictured.

      From the outer coffin of Nesjtaudjatachet, 21a Dynasty, Thebes

      Note the little eye at the right is holding an Ankh symbol of Eternal life (sound familiar?) the real and true first cross that the savages began to call “crux ansata” or cross with a handle. Heru’s name is said to mean 'He who is above' and probably linked to his position as a god of the sky and to the high soaring of the falcon the Protector ruler of Egypt or protector to the Divine Being.

      After Osiris was murdered by his Uncle Seth, Horus fought with Seth (Satan or the personification of envy) for the throne of Egypt. In this battle, Horus lost one of his eyes. The eye was restored to him and it became a symbol of protection for the ancient Egyptians. After this battle, Horus was chosen to be the ruler of the world of the living and his Father as shown below the Ruler of the world of our Beloved Departed. Jesus Christians believe that this world was hell or Hades but this was simply the place where the good and righteous lived after they finished their current Earthwalk. When you made your transition you where believed to ride down the ancient river and at the gates you would pass through the halls of Divine Justice and the Goddess Maát or Divine Truth would weigh your deeds with her feather. If you where not found wanting and was an individual of virtue you would be welcomed by Osiris.

      Third Eye Activation

      The Utchat and sometimes Wadjet also associated with the serpent goddess, kundalini serpent wisdom or The Green One, the all-seeing eye which is said to mean "in good mental health".

      Egyptian theology tells us that Ra, the creator, gave the utchat to Horus and in turn allowed his twin sister Bast to wear it. This would explain its healing properties as Bast is well known for such abilities. The eye of Horus, utchat, then can be depicted as both a healer of the mind and a facilitator of inner sight.
      Hence when we see dipictions of the serpent protruding from the forehead of a king queen or god/goddess this simply means that the green one or kundalini is manifesting out through the 3rd eye and has nothing to do with horned devils or ghosts or any nonsense of that sort.

      The Eye of Heru Activation awakens energies inside of us and opens up worlds around us we didn’t realise where there. It is a gateway that connects you to the 5th dimensional energies of light and higher frequencies. This endows you with a vast pool of celestial energy. So when you find yourself encountering a divine being it will identify itself as such and if you have a healthy 3rd eye you will clearly recognize it as such. To discourage evil from contacting you it is vital to have a Purely divine Body, Mind, and Home. Evil can only reside in filthiness and will not be able to stand merely being in your presence. A good tool to purify your place of meditation is pure Frankincense and myrrh from east afrika preferably Ithiopia. This is what our ancestors use and with good reason. These resins are good to expel insects and also unseen bugs that can plague us.

      Some say the Pineal Gland is the Third Eye and is also said to be personified as the eye of Heru. In humans this gland about the size of a pea located in the center of the brain and produces melatonin

      Melatonin forms part of the system that regulates a element called the circadian cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature something required to calm the mind when in meditation.

      Light dependence - Production of melatonin by the pineal gland is withdrawn by light more accurately daylight and permitted by darkness. For this reason melatonin has been called "the night or sleepy hormone" and its onset each evening is called the Dim-Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) as melatonin promotes sleepiness. Healthy sleep patterns are essential for healthy mind. If you want proof deprive yourself of sleep for a couple of days and see how insane you will become!

      Antioxidant - Besides its primary function as synchronizer of the biological clock, melatonin may exert a powerful antioxidant activity that easily can cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier and Melatonin's antioxidant ability is thought to increase longevity

      Immune system - While it is known that melatonin interacts with the immune system. In preclinical studies, scientists have found that melatonin may enhance cytokine production, and by doing this counteract acquired immunodeficiency AIDS, cancers and the like.
      Dreaming – Many who have used supplemental melatonin reported an increase in vivid dreaming. Vitamin B6 which is known to be good in helping the production of melatonin is also capable of producing vivid dreams and I think it helps to point out of all the nutritional benefits Hemp Seed and Hemp seed oil contains - Protein, Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Niacin it contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and the vital “spiritual vitamin” B6! In short having a pure, natural diet free of poisons and not derived of the slaughter of the living (meat free) will not only enhance the body’s wellness but can also aid and sharpen the mind and 3rd eye to be receptive of the highest dimensions and beings.

      6th Chakra

      In Hindu spirituality "Ajna" is the Sanskrit word for the 6th chakra. It means "beyond wisdom" and "the perception centre". The 6th chakra is located between, and just above, the eyes often referred to as the "third eye". This chakra deals with visualization, intuition, imagination and telepathy and the parts of body believed to be associated with the 6th chakra are: Pituitary gland, eyes, head, lower brain. The 6th chakra is an intuitive type of "knowing". When this chakra force is clean, pure, and highly developed it is dominant and one may have clairvoyant abilities in other words being able to see things that others cannot. The colour is purple/violet (indigo hence the term for highly developed children) seen as spiritual colours. When the energy in the 6th chakra is excessive, it can cause headaches, hallucinations, nightmares and difficulty in concentrating. But when the energy is deficient, there may be eye problems, poor memory, and inability to visualize (as seen in the very religious). Yoga asana or poses for the 6th chakra are supported forward bends and also eye exercises. Meditation is vital to keep your mind and spirituality sane and healthy and should be done daily.

      In Khemet it was believed starting from the base of the spine, the first three (lower) chakras) represent one's animal nature while the remaining four (higher chakras) represent one's higher spiritual nature as seen below

      The yoke that binds us

      The spiritual genocide of Afrikan people has these particular chains: One: belief in the possibility of solutions to their problems coming from their oppressors and two: belief that those solutions come through religion and not even their native ones but of their oppressors

      The Roman/Babylon Latin word from which "religion" is derived “religare” simply means to bind back. As a descendent of my ancestors with all they suffered knowing this would make it quite foolish to then put my faith in religions fabricated by their tormenters.

      Once Our Universal nation awake realize this and stand up for the Divine Principles of MAÁT we will experience true liberation.

      Hotep and Blessings

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