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From "SYPHILIS a synopis" pg. 2

..."In late . . . 1494 . . . , King Charles VIII of France besieged Naples. In his army were Spanish mercenaries as well as soldiers of fortune from nearly every country in Europe.

(*Syphilis was said o be already present among the Neapolitans.)

Shortly after the fall of the city, syphilis became widespread throughtout the army and Italy. When this new disease first appeared in Charles' army, those French troops showing evidence of syphilis were returned to their homeland and without doubt served to spread the infection en route.

Scholars adhering to the Pre-Columbian Theory affirm just as vehemently that syphilis had been present in Europe prior to the voyage of Columbus but was either unrecognized, confused with other diseases (probably leprosy), or was present in a much milder form.

Hudson and others feel that the infection probably originated in Central Africa as a yaws-like illness, and was eventually introduced into Europe by travelers and traders.

In Europe syphilis gradually acquired a veneral mode of transmission and many of the clinical characteristics of the present-day disease.

Whatever its origin. . . ., there can be no question that a great pandemic of syphilis suddenly appeared in all parts of Europe and that by 1497. . . the disease had appeared even in as remote an area as Scotland.

At this time syphilis was apparently a very acute disease, frequently fatal in the secondary stage.

It was almost immediately recognized as being a new and previously unknown condition, and as early as . . . . 1500... many physicians throughout Europe were reporting and describing its syptoms.

Fortunately, the extremely acute, severe form of syphilis apparently became rather quickly attenuated to the more chronic form of today.

Fast forward 432 years later to 1926...in Macon County, from the Book "BAD BLOOD" pg 74.

..." The results of the syphilis control survey in Macon County were dramatic; indeed, far higher than anyone had expected.

According to figures based on a continuing survey (begun in 1926) of some 25 communities across the US., The Public Health Service placed the incidence of syphilis among patients "under observation or treatment" at "4.05 4 per 1,000 and that for Negroes 7.2 per 1,000." These figures put the infection rate for Blacks at nearly twice that of whites.."

pg. 48 ..."The white image of black sexuality was responsible, at least in part, for the neglect of blacks by social hygienists. Blacks suffered from venereal diseases because they would not, or could not, refrain from sexual promiscuity. Social hygiene for whites rested on the assumption that attitudinal changes could produce behavior changes..."

pg. 45 ..."Early in the 20th century, scientific medicine gave health officials the tools to combat syphilis....the "magic bullet"-salvarsan, a preparation of organic arsenic that was reported to cure syphilis in a week..."

pg. 28..." A few physicians saw enviroment as the important factor in the deterioration of black health, but even these disenters often blamed blacks for dirty homes and poor child rearing practices. No disease seemed more suited to blacks than syphilis..."

pg. 30 ...." By the end of the 19th century public health officials had discovered that could not afford to ignore the health of black Americans. To protect whites they also had to protect blacks..."

pg. 70 ..."Dr. Parran, wrote..." Get them together in the church, sitting in a circle, have the pastor lead them in a spiritual, keeping time to the up-and-down and round-and-round rubbing of mercury into the backs. This was tried, but with indifferent success; partly, someone said, because the pastor thought he didn't get rubbed hard enough..."


How did it spread among the War Prisoners of Africa during the Maafa?

If Europeans knew they had this disease among themselves so long, why were they still having sex with slaves?

Do you think they sold women and children during captivity who were infected?

How does the European document his own disease, then, turn and make a black/social/promiscuity disease?

How advanced is European medicine? Syphilis is fatal. If Europeans have had this disease among them for centuries, is there medicine actually as advanced as we think it is?

Taken from "BAD BLOOD" The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment pg. 80

"He lay our arm down like he guttin' a hog," the man complained. "I told him he hurt me... He told me "I'm the doctor." I told him "all right but this my arm."

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