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African Origin Of Civilization


..."As early as 4000 B.C. Egyptian documents indicate that the Meroitic Sudan was a properous country which maintained commercial ties with Egypt.

Gold was plentiful. About that time the Meroitic Sudan probably transmitted to Egypt the twelve hieroglyphs that were the first embryonic alphabet.

Human Timeline
4,000,000 BCFirst humans found in South Africa.
Cynodictis resembled a modern dog existed
The earth's magnetic fields are changing
3,000,000 BCSevere cold period
2000,000 BCFourth major ice age, humans found in east Africa, mammoths die off
The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) era began
1,900,000 BCFirst homo habilis found in Kenya
1,600,000 BCFirst homo erectus found in Africa, the first to control fire
1,500,000 BCFirst fire and killing for food (?)
1,360,000 BCHuman artifacts in China near Beijing
1,200,000 BCFirst glacier started. Glaciers lasted 40,000 to 60,000 years.
1,000,000 BCFirst settlements in Africa
840,000 BCThe start of a large migration of people from Africa to Aisa and Europe (to 420,000)
800,000 BCOldest Hominid occupation in Soleilhac in the Massif Central of France and at the Gran Dolino site in the Atapuerca Mountains in northern Spain
750,000 BCMono Lake and Sierra Nevadas formed
600,000 BCOldest human skull found
500,000 BCHominids migrated on to England from central Europe
450,000 BCFirst homo sapiens in Europe and Africa, homo erectus in China
400,000 BCHeidelberg man (erectus) found in West Germany
Humans use articulate speech
375,000 BCOldest homo sapiens found in Steinheim, Germany
300,000 BCSwanscombe skull (homo sapiens) found in Kent
200,000 BCTools were used
Theory based on DNA that we all evolved from an African "Eve" lived at this time
150,000 BCAnother large migration of people from Africa to Asia and Europe (to 80,000)
135,000 BCModern dog exists
130,000 BCRhodesian man found in Zamba
100,000 BCPeople spread across Europe, East Asia
Neanderthal began to bury thier dead
Elephants existed
90,000 BCHumans and Neandethals co-existed
60,000 BCFirst religion existed
50,000 BCHumans migrated to Australia from Indonesia Islands
48,000 BCCharcoal campfires in Brazil
45,000 BCA flute made from bear bone found in Slovenia
40,000 BCBlades of stone and homo sapien sapiens found in South Africa
Objects of personal adornment existed
35,000 BCNeanderthals dying out
Cro-magnum man found in West France
People throughout Asia, Australia
First engravings (Venus of Willendorf, Austria)
30,000 BCBones in west Europe had carved notches
29,000 BCEgypt's used mummification, found in the King Den's tomb
28,000 BCAinu occupied Japan
26,000 BCIvory beads and buttons existed
25,000 BCSkeleton from Paviland Cave, on the coast of Gower Peninsula in southern Wales
Venus of Dolni Vestonici carving
23,000 BCSandia cave provided shelter for humans in new Mexico
22,500 BCNeandethal x Human skull from Lapedo Valley
20,000 BCWolf's jaw bone found Czechoslovakia in 1937 had fifty-five notches in groups of five
People from Siberia crossed the Bering bridge into the Americas, perhaps Jomon-Ainu from Japan
18,000 BCClothers, bows and arrows, spear throwing. Blades are common
17,000 BCSettlers in PA and VA
16,000 BCMost of Europe covered in ice half mile thick
15,000 BCPossible major Mediterranean flood, possibly to 10,000 BC.
14,000 BCCaves were used for religious rituals
Dogs associated with humans
13,000 BCGreat Lakes formed
11,000 BCPottery existed.
Deaths from weapons occurred
American Indians crossed from Asia to Alaska on a "bridge of land" and mass extinction of those in North America
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