[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anFLUNWndVg&feature=related"]YouTube - Seal - Loves Divine - Live on Regis and Kelly 12.08.2003[/ame]

I had to "cum" out of mind, from being raped in the "Upper room";

Jesus wasn't there...The shit hurt soo bad you would of thought I had a extra womb...

Somebody got to come up short, and it ain't goin' be me;

Stuck in my thoughts...seeing my mom and pops fucking watching Gozilla on the big screen...oooss;

My feelings ain't facts, but resentments keep me motivated...Getting screwed in a spoon by my uncle, yeah these feelings make my mind buckle, using mantras; them is prayers on the freeway smoking dosha, and newports, screaming in circles; this a bubble, always inflated, fuck you.

Muthafucka, this ain't a invitation. His sex was terrible, even horrible, uninvited and patience;

So I'm like knive handles and plugger sticks and shit to fuck my brains out and seperate my innocents; finding nirvana as a hostage to the illusion in the gay state.

But this my mind state. Reassuring, was my illusion until I heard my mind break.

Keep it real; Shit I kept it fake, until I faced his ass and woke him up on the real tip, to get my mind wake.

Peace be upon you