Up in the Attic is about a group of popular African American teenagers in the New Jersey suburbs who were struggling for spiritual, religious and social identity while falling victim to the vices of peer pressure, drugs, sex and more.
The movie contains an overall positive message and contains adult language and content as it is a pro-education and anti-drug film. It contains youthful energy and colorful comedy which lightens up the subject matter.
Directed by Kamal Imani

Written and Directed by Kamal Imani
Co-Director and Director of Cinematography Christopher Brown
Editor and Multimedia Newblackmusic.net
Graphics by LoudGraphics Hoodnique.com

Starring Jamian Jamal Blackmon, Jerseys Prince, Jarred Solomon, RawtalentIllWill, Perry Wynn, Tyron Saulsbury, Steven A. Robinson, Ericka M. Williams and More!

Special guest appearances and cameos by Shubee and Yoda of the Crash Crew, Zulu, Chill Rob G (I got the power), DJ Cool Clyde, DJ Cisco, Champagne and more! Soundtrack Crash Crew, Lakim Shabazz, BeenOfficial,RevieRev & LC, Maximus Parthas, Chill Rob G, Koffee, Kyss Major, Paula Perry, KamalSupremeAmen aka Kamal Imani, and more!