SABIR BEY is the founder and host of the groundbreaking and revolutionary CIVIL ALERT Talk Radio Show. CIVIL ALERT is an open informational forum that is designed to bring critical awareness of the science of CIVICS to the community at large.

Having an extensive background in constitutional law, history, and health, Sabir has conducted years of research that has yielded an impressive array of lectures and workshops. Brother Sabir is a master communicator, having presented at various universities, schools, and community centers. He is also an avid fitness trainer and nutritionist. Sabir promotes various holistic health practices and is soon to release a workout DVD. Sabir Bey has lectured with and been seen in the company of such luminaries and artists as KRS One, Afrika Bambatta, James Ingram, Mos Def, Wise Intelligent, Professor Griff, and R Kelly.

Sabir has given lectures at the University of D.C., Long Island University and at the Philadelphia International Locs Conference. He produces the incredible and extremely informative CIVIL ALERT Newspaper. His DVD series consists of 29 exciting lectures, filmed at various locations from Detroit to New Jersey, from Washington D.C. to New York, including the widely popular Critical Thinking presentation filmed in Chicago. Sabir is currently head researcher of the upcoming Stop The Violence Movement featuring KRS One. Sabir is also putting the finishing touches on his debt book, "The Principles of Civics", due out in 2009.

Sabir has been featured on various radio shows including Harambee Radio with Dr. Akosua Ali Sabree in Philadelphia, Street 96 with Michael Shawn in New Jersey, 106.5 the Beat in Virginia, on the Wisdom of the Moors radio show in Memphis Tennessee. Bey currently co-host Insomnia Session with No-Daze on WKDU 98.7 in Philadelphia and CIVIL ALERT on WNJC 1360 AM out of New Jersey.

Your Moorish American Nationality and Identification CARD Is FREE
As Free As The Free National Name You Inherited From Your Forefathers.



The Holy Prophet Drew Ali Warned The Moorish Americans to:
"Stop Flashing Your Cards
At The European Corporate Agencies. It Causes Confusion!!!"
Dear Moorish Americans;
Please be advised and finally adhere to Drew Ali's Divine Warnings. This "Nationality and Identification Card" is not an authorization to criminal activities, instant individual sovereigity, a Right-To-Travel nor membership to a Religious, Cult or otherwise Non-Governmental Organization. When anyone violates the infrastucture and laws of another person's domicile, territory or government ... he or she has instantly given the owner jurisdiction over them. Proclaiming your proper idenity. It is a part of nature to rejoice at the deliverence from captivity into freedom. True Happiness rest upon contentment. The Moorish Americans are among the last nation on earth to recall the descent nature of their ancient forefathers. All other nationals are educated to their origin through their parents seasoning their minds with the maxiums of truth. The Moorish are yet to be taught how to serve under the powers of their own national government.

NEVER TAKE YOUR FREE NATIONAL STANDARDS, PRINCIPLES, ID CARDS AND AFFAIRS INTO THE EUROPEAN COURTS. Beware of all "COPYRIGHTS, AFFIDAVITS, CONTRACTS and NOTORIZATIONING of your FREE NATIONAL NAME, ID or anything that represents your freedom. Remember it has been about 145 years (1865) since and the Congessional Lease has been removed from the necks of the Moorish. Since then, especially after the ordaination of Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish has done everything possible to not be a free people. Still, it is a well beaten dog that expects respect from the same master who opened the gates. "YOUR CARD IS FOR YOUR SALVATION." Honor it, learn to use it with wisdom and Understand How Your Card Has The Power To Protect You as You.

Noble Drew Ali never once "NATIONALIZED" a member into His Organization. Why? Because only sovereign powers and Governments has the power to nationalize Banks, Organizations, the Land, Air and Waterways (L.A.W.), with its inhabitants, within its jurisdictions.
Warning to the Moorish: It is A Crime, criminal and just plain evil for any person or manmade Business to "Nationalize" any member of the Human Family, be it Man, Woman or Child.
Why Free? Because Nationality is Free, all Over The World!
The Moorish must relearn the value of Freedom. And Learn The Powers of Recieving Worldwide recognition (Passports, Visa, Birth Certifcates, Citizen ID etc) From only Your NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD; Without The Support of Federal and US State De Facto Identifications.

Your ID Card Is Exclusively For Denationalized
and The Officials of Their Government


Peace be upon you

Sabir Bey: Civil Alert World

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