Bro. Jesse Muhammad did a wonderful interview with this phenomenal, inspirational, award-winning Sista!

EXCERPT from End of the Year One-on-One with Filmmaker Stacey Muhammad "Out of Our Right Minds - Trauma, Depression and the Black Woman":

I’ve been studying Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the writings of Dr. Joy Leary as well as books like “Rock My Soul, Black People and Self Esteem” by Professor Bell Hooks for quite some time and have long believed that the traumas Black people experienced in slavery were directly related to, and actually responsible for many of the psychosis, depressions and mental disorders we deal with today.

However, nothing could prepare me for this subject more than my own personal experience with depression a few years ago. Although it was short-lived, it was quickly debilitating and I knew that if my life were to ever get back on track I needed to figure out what was going on with me and with so many other brothers and sisters who were suffering in silence. What I learned during this time is that Black folks really don’t talk about depression and mental illness nearly as much as we need to. Black women often feel that we’ve endured so much that a diagnosis of depression isn’t something else we can add to our plate. But, it’s real and sisters are hurting and suffering and living unfulfilled lives for a myriad of reasons.

So, this film explores what’s happening in the minds and in the hearts of Black women.

However, we’ll also be looking at the sickness that is White Supremacy, the trauma of the middle passage and our enslaved years here in America. We cannot discuss the lives of Black people without discussing how being embedded in an environment that is in total contradiction to everything that we are, as Black people, has literally driven us to insanity.

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