Vaccine "ICEBREAKER"...works like a charm~

The approach sounds something like this:

..."Excuse me, did you know the H1N1 Vaccine contains Mercury; it's used as a preservative.

The follow up sounds like this:

Salt is a preservative too. But I ain't about to put Mercury in my food."

After a short laugh at the common sense approach of how dangerous the shot is, you can add that is contains a live flu virus, and is being advertised to pregnant women and children.

Many people are already hip to the vaccine. Depending on the discussion it would be informative to discuss how the Government used the same Mercury during the Tuskegee experiment on black men with syphillis and was poisonous then as it is now.

Women, should know IUD's and birthcontrol pills are Pesticides.

You can find that information at:

Pesticide action network under "Levonorgestrel".

Peace be upon you

The Obama, Swine flu connection: Who would of thought....