A scene from the 1974 movie "Trick BaBY". White "conservatives" discuss at a dinner party how to control Black people in the Ghetto. Pay very close attention.

P.S.Something every person with Ethnicity NEED TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!



Iceberg Slim (August 4, 1918 – April 28, 1992), also known as Robert Beck, was an African American author of books variously categorized as urban fiction, street literature, and black pulp fiction.

Trick Baby (1972) Part 1

Knowledge of Self

"Knowledge of self is inclusive of information pertaining to one's personal
identity, group identity (Pan Africanist), cultural identity and recognition,
appropriate and proper values, a national plan/agenda for betterment, and the
building of institutions to perpetuate 'self.'"

Kmt G. Shockley
The Miseducation of Black Children

Peace be upon you

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Knowledge of Self

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