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      The (Sis)tem: San Diego's All Sistah Female Hip-Hop Group `goes Super hard!

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      Miki Vale Pure Love Music Video (RMX)

      "I Can't Escape" - Kandi Cole

      The Sistem Tv's Channel
      YouTube - thesistemtv's Channel

      The West Coast's finest female emcees coming together to bring you the highly anticipated album of 2010! This album is in the works..We are cultivating a project that will inspire, uplift, and Get you out of seat! The (SIS)TEM is a movement and we are goin to give you what you want and didn't even know you needed this year! The (SIS)TEM is a collective of female emcees, producers, vocalist, and Djs, co-founded by Aceyalone, Badru, and DVS 1, from the legendary Project Blowed in Los Angeles. DVS 1 created and hosted a hip hop show respectively named, "Female Perspective." Being a female emcee she saw that on the main stream, as well as the underground, women weren't getting their just due.

      She decided to organize an event show-ing off the ladies' talent. By the time she reached the second one the roster for performers doubled. This prompted the idea to create an album of all female emcees because apparently there was an untouched fan base out there for it. “We never knew there were so many hungry, motivated driven women all on the same grind”. You can call it "the female Wu-Tang". The (SIS)TEM is about 15-20 solo artists all coming together to push one goal; For women to gain the respect they deserve on the mic. The (SIS)TEM came about during a time when Hip Hop is starving for feminine energy. These women are definitely filling the void with quality music. The (SIS)TEM has graced the stages of some of LA’s hottest clubs, such as the Little Temple , The Airliner, The Key Club, and The Crash Mansion as well as, The Rhythm Lounge, in sunny San Diego, and the Ice House Lounge, in luxurious Las Vegas. As the demand grows throughout the country, The (SIS)TEM is working on a follow-up to it’s Female Perspective Mixtape , as well as their debut Album, The Takeover (working title). You can find the females of The (SIS)TEM all over the country, grinding as solo artist and it wont be long before the world is introduced to this group of glorious ladies in hip hop.

      more video's
      THE (SIS)TEM on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

      What Hip Hop Is - Documentary Pt 1


      Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes - Part 1 of 6

      B-boy Junior

      Mr. Animation and Chuco Airforce Crew @ Radiotron

      Dr. Amos N. Wilson

      Culture, Consciousness, and Possession

      "The individual through culture extends his power and the culture extends the power of the group. When we talk about music, song and dance, what we are talking is how culture ultimately comes to be implanted in our bodies. We tend to look at song, dance and music as entertainment. This is our serious mistake. We have a lot of our youth out there looking at music as mere entertainment. When we say that we are being enculturated, it means that a spirit is being implanted in us by the culture. It means our group is instilling in our bodies and in our minds a possessing spirit such that when our culture calls our name we respond to it. When our culture is in need of defense and support, we then defend it and support it because we are at one with it. In other words, why does the black man respond to the white man? Why does the black [man] serve the white man? Why does everything that black men do benefit the white man? Why does the black man say that freedom is doing what I want to do? Why is it that everything he wants to do enriches the European? Why is it that as our youth proclaim there are free, that they are doing what they want to do and they are expressing themselves, that it involves buying a $100 pair of sneakers from white folks? Why? Because the spirit that is implanted in the human mind and human psyche is there only to respond to its creator and to its master. Therefore, when you let another people generate a spirit in you; when you let another people generate certain values in you; when you let another people generate a certain reality for you; when you let another people let you see yourself and see your own people in a particular sort of way, they have implanted a spirit – and that spirit has been created by and for them and only responds to them. It only responds to them in terms of furthering their interests and working against the interest of the body it possesses. This is why there’s that self-destructive spirit in us.

      The demon that possesses a body is not there for that body. It is there for the creator that placed it there, and if necessary to obey its creator that placed it there, and if necessary to obey its creator […], it will destroy that body which it inhabits. The tastes which that spirit has will be tastes that can only be satisfied by buying from its master creator. The values which that spirit wishes to satisfy and realize can only be realized by going through the aegis of the master that created it. That is why every value and every taste, every desire and every need that provokes us, every one of these things that we seek to desire, ends up having us going through white folks. And that’s why we think we need them. Hence every time we satisfy them, they in someway benefit in our seeking satisfaction – because the demon that we call ourselves is answering to the call of its master.”
      Dr. Amos Wilson
      Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order

      pgs. 112, 113

      Culture as Social Engineering/Entertainment Vehicle

      A culture creates its own possessing spirits and enculturates and inculcates those spirits into the bodies of its members so that those members, in defending their own egos, in defending their own interests, in defending what they perceive as their own needs, in satisfying their own tastes, in satisfying their own values, satisfy the needs of the culture, enrich the culture, empower the culture, defend the culture, and advance the interest of the culture. How then does the culture implant its spirit into its members? It does so in a very strong and primordial way. It uses vehicles. One of the major vehicles it uses is music. Rhythm, song, dance. A culture involves people moving together, in tandem, in rhythm. It involves them having the same temporal sense, the same kind of time clock so that they can move in synchrony, poetry is about synchrony, song is about synchrony. Music is about symbols and ultimately it is through symbols that you evoke behavior from people. So when a culture creates symbols, those symbols are designed to evoke particular types of reactions, feelings and moods in its members. A culture establishes the potency of those symbols through rituals, through song and through dance.

      One of the best ways to inculcate cultural values, a cultural spirit, is through entertainment. It’s while the members are being entertained, while they are feeling good, that the song is carrying the cultural values into the mind and into the body. The lyrics that represent the cultural interests and cultural values are being carried on the vehicle of the music, carried through the vehicle of the poetry. The togetherness, the cooperativeness, the mutual movement together and the synchrony of the culture is being entrained through the music and through the rhythm of the dance. Therefore when you let another people take over your music, when you let another people take over your dance and attach their content to it, they will use your own music, your own dance, your rap lyrics, your poetry and your own cultural symbols to carry their message into your bodies and into your minds such that you can only respond to their beck and call and to their wishes. As a consequence they get you to buy those sneakers and other items by associating them with your music, with your poetry, with your rhythms, with your cultural symbols.

      So they attach their content to our rhythm, their content to our songs. In this way they take our own instruments and turn them against the self. Notice how quickly when one of our youngsters [Ice-T] was rhyming “Kill the Police” that kind of content was washed right out, immediately. But what wash-out occurs when they [our youngsters] talk about shooting each other with their glocks and the other weapons, when their contents of self-destructiveness ride on the rhythm of their song and dance and the symbols are loaded with self-destructive elements and content? What we [are] saying is that enculturation is a process of building in responsivity and ultimately, respons-i-bility, the ability to respond to a particular call. We then have appropriately enculturated ourselves when we can respond to our own culture, to our own values and to our own needs.
      Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order pgs. 113, 114, 115
      Peace be upon you

      posted by Sadiku "Dr. Amos Wilson"
      Dr. Amos Wilson

      THE (SIS)TEM on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

      Peace be upon you
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