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Immaculate Co(n)ception

Hoechst, Syngenta/

Applied Biology Scientist (SS).

Diabolical, yet...when you swore in as a warden for the enemy; Alien resident(s') can't become Naturalized Europeans.

[Legal institutional slavery via Oath of Supremacy.]

Courtesy: Of the Peerage Act 1322

"Preserve the Union" thru ProBlack imagery.

Restore "the crown" thru, "Crowded, extra-prison, stem-cell-sentences."

That's why I "Nut up" and divide my judgement into regiments.

("When you swore in I had to catch my throat/
My mind still warped from all the lives they broke.")

Similar to what Hitler accomplished from all "the whites" he "smoked".

Miscegenation thru integration, without assimilation;
Then scientifically take the credit for "procreation."

The Emaculate Co(n)ception.

Global Health care; "appropriate-the-melanin" from Natural-born citizens.

...and Factor 8, I.U.D; spreading Aids and pestilence.

Peace be upon you

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