Reactionary Suicide

Let's keep it simple.

People dying everyday and they look just like you.
...(Look just like you).

People Dying in Iraq and they just ain't like you
(and dress just like you do).

Put they pant's on legs/
in one leg, at a time/
and it's such a crime, but
I hear You...

I see. . . .
I ain't confused. Instead of listening
to brotha's like you who look like me/
dress just like you/put they pants on one day' at time/
one leg like me'...

Quit hating on the cause'!

You dying when My enemy fire/ he blaze in
reaction to my cause' so whitely'.

At times, you paused so blindly.

To regroup and stood by me/
Through the past, we so much better.

So get involved!

'Cause my Light alongside yourn's always
burn so brightly.

Peace be upon you