US cracks down on China-based merchandise websites

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Monday 29th November, 2010 (IANS

The US government has disabled dozens of websites based in China for allegedly selling counterfeit merchandise and other goods in violation of copyright laws, authorities said Monday.

US Justice Department and Homeland Security Department seized the domain names of 82 websites, mostly based in China, where the shipments of the purchased goods also originated, authorities said.

'Most of the products being produced were produced in China and being shipped to the United States,' said John Morton, the Homeland Security Department's assistant secretary for immigration and customs enforcement.

The US government seized control of the websites following the approval of a judge overseeing the case. The websites were selling a range of fake brand name products, including jerseys of professional athletes, golf clubs, designer apparel, watches and Air Jordan sneakers, Morton said.

Among the products in violation of copyrights laws were music and movies, Morton said.

The US for years has urged the Chinese government to crack down on copyright infringement and merchandise counterfeiting.

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Terrorist links?

"Late last month, the FBI arrested 13 members of a crime ring, including an alleged arms trader who an FBI affidavit said "conspired to acquire a missile system designed to shoot down aircraft." Along with purportedly stolen cellphones and Sony PlayStations, the FBI says the ring bought counterfeit Nike sneakers from an undercover agent to fund terrorism."


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