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      Sista goes in on V Nasty's usage of the N Word

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      I hate that there is always one of us sitting in the back smiling, while at the same time giving one of them the go ahead to use terms and act in ways that warrant getting beat the hell down. Then we make meaningless excuses for them.

      Sometimes I also hate being a teacher in schools in our neighborhoods because once one white kid comes over, our kids start flocking to them, then three weeks later they done been given the go ahead to say "Nigger this and nigger that" and our kids act like it means nothing.

      I was working at one school a few years ago and a German girl came to the school and she got instant credibility for no damn reason. Then a white boy came two years later and it got around that he had been using the word. I approached some students about it and to my surprise many of them didn't even care. I remember being told by many that it didn't matter at all and didn't bother them.

      This situation made it even more surprising for me when earlier this year, the same white kid was talking to a student and the kid cut him off and was like you better not ever use that word around me again. I shook his hand so damn fast and said damn right. I was so happy to finally see one of our kids who actually understood and felt(many understand but still don't feel) that it was inappropriate on all levels.

      A few months ago, I transferred to a different school and had to call out an albanaian kid for constantly saying Nigger and not one kid in the room made it seem like it was an issue, then they sat back and laughed with him while he made comments about another black teacher looking like a monkey. I approached them on the issue while he sat right beside them and made sure I called him out and them for allowing it and their reasoning was it didn't offend them because they were Dominican and not black.

      Which brings up another issue, which is how do we address the use of the word by those who live with us, look, like, us and actually are us, but have been taught that because of their language and history that they aren't us(i.e. some of my Latino brothers and sisters)?

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