The True Order

"In our contact with the Christian world, our teachers have of
necessity been Europeans, and they have taught us books too much, and things too little- forms of expression, and very little the importance of thought. The notion, still common among Negroes- educated Negroes I mean-is that the most important part of knowledge consists in knowing what other men- foreigners- have said about things, and even about Africa and about themselves.

They aspire to be familiar, not with what really is, but with what is printed. Very few amoung us have got past this step. Hence, some of us are found repeating things against ourselves, which are thoroughly false and injurious to us, and only because we read them in books, or have heard them from foreign teachers........
We have had history written for us, and we have endeavored to act up to it; whereas, the true order is, that history should be first acted, then written."

-Edward W. Blyden
Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race

Peace be upon you