Deculturalization, an aspect/outcome of culturacide (to kill a culture), is the process whereby a people:

1. are taken out of their natural cultural environment,
2. are placed in an alien and alienating one that is counter and against
their own,
3. are forced to adopt and internalize this alien culture's beliefs,
values, technology, imperatives and aspirations,
4. come to accept this decisively foreign personality as their own, and
5. fully reject everything of meaning which they come from and, therefore,
their essence and self.

Deculturalization's first three stages are the outcome of external, enemy

The last two are orchestrated by effects engendered and generated
within the false consciousness created within the victims through a
dysfunctional, self-destructive, disempowering socialization.

This false consciousness naturally manifests itself in whatever "new" institutions and
community these people create for themselves within the bounds of the negative,
limiting definitions given them of themselves by their oppressors. In no social
transformation are the stages mutually exclusive or without meaningful

They, too, are epigenetic.

Within the five stages of deculturalization presented here, the stage at which a people is most
dramatically and effectively transformed into something other than themselves is
the third. It is during this period when they have been separated from their
source long enough to begin to confuse an alien space, people and standard with
their home, hope and vision.

Often, though, there are even more horrific results for the human psyche of the vanquished than simple self-confusion.

Often, they find that the torture given by their undeniable mirror images, the
hateful force with which they are slammed against themselves by those who work
toward their self-negation and the disarming deception of the occupying
culture's "universalizing" theories cause them to seek escape into a delusion
that will carry them away from any and everything that will lead them into
denial of any cultural direction.

Within our community, these special individuals totally refuse to accept the possibility that they are thinking and
acting within the social context of any culture at all. Next to actually
committing suicide, this is the worst stage of deculturalization because it
allows deeply self-hating Afrikans to believe that there is truly no such thing
as culture.

For them, culture actually comes to be defined as whimsical,
ephemeral and idiosyncratic, without logical, lasting basis or purpose. Worst
of all, when noneuropean, it is seen as regressive and harmful to

Having been caught in the deadly avalanche of the icicled
minds formed in the Earth's last massive glacier to their disadvantage, such
individuals are rootless. They have rejected the unequivocal significance of
culture to their very existence, all the while held captive to horribly
anti-Afrikan cultural beliefs and practices."

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
IWA: A Warrior's Character

Peace be upon you


Peace be upon you