On December 9, 2006 Steve Muhammad was recognized as "Sijo" - founder of his own system of martial arts. This clip shows the award ceremony, and features the comments and testimonials to Sijo from dignitaries from many martial styles.


In 1963, a young Vietnam War veteran of the U.S. Marines, then known as Steve Sanders (now Muhammad), stepped into a dojo in Los Angeles, CA under the Ed Parker Kenpo system of Karate. Training under the tutelage of Dan Inosanto, and earning a black belt under Chuck Sullivan, James Ibrao, predicted to Mr. Parker that this young man would be a champion after watching him fight as a white belt. Steve Muhammad surpassed all expectations as he went on to become a top tournament champion fighter, his record gaining worldwide attention as well as training several historic tournament champion fighters of his own. He later co-founded and became the first President of the Black Karate Federation (BKF), co-authoring two books (Championship Kenpo, BKF History and Advanced Strategic Principles). He retired from the Los Angeles County Police Department and became an Executive Protection Specialist securing such well known clients as actor Wesley Snipes and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA). Now in his seventies, when most of his peers have long since retired from their art, or no longer lead active lifestyles, Steve Muhammad displays as much, if not more, vigor today as any martial artist less than half his age.


Peace be upon you