Last Month a powerful "Every 36 Hours" Event was held in Oakland CA.

Just this week Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. was targeted and harassed by OPD, Oakland the same city of the BPP, the same city that murdered Oscar Grant Jr., Raheim Brown, Alan Blueford Jr., and many others at the hands of "police forces". Last night the City approved Bill "Stop & Frisk" Bratton to add to Pig tactics, a new Police Academy, and millions of dollars going to beef up the occupying army in Oakland called the Police.

Time more than ever to organize, and unify or struggle. Every 36 hours our people are murdered at the hands of "Police Forces".

Every 36 Hours Event in Oakland Featured:
Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement (MXGM)
ONYX Organizing Committee (OOC)
Urban Shield Community Ready Team
The Black Community Self Defense Network
Chairman Fred Hampton Jr - P.O.C.C.

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Every 36 Hours Conference

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