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      Thumbs up Wise Intelligent Completes Solo Album

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      Wise Intelligent of the Legendary Poor Righteous Teachers is set to bless the world once again with what might be his greatest offering to date.

      Acclaimed Artist and Hiphop Legend Wise Intelligent has completed his highly anticipated solo album, “Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor”, which will be released by Intelligent Muzik on September 28th, 2005. Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor was produced by The Havknotz! Tony D, OH NO! (MadLib’s younger brother), Ambush, and Traxzilla. This new offering will contain 19 incredible new songs from this Timeless and Legendary MC.

      Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor has been described as an epic lyrical and sonic journey through the soul of a man. This is Wise Intelligent’s most personal album to date. Wise has often said, “I’m not an emotional emcee, my heart has always eluded my sleeve…” and “…I have never really been comfortable exposing myself to the public and even my closest family and friends”. The Talented Timothy Taylor will set the benchmark for honesty and sincerity in Hiphop Kulture.

      On Monday, September 12th, Wise Intelligent’s new official web site will launch at unveiling the music, lyrics, and artwork from Wise Intelligent is…The Talented Timothy Taylor. Fans visiting the site will not only be able to download the unforgettable lead single “A Genocide”, but they will also have access to the lyrics and the unknown history of the CIA’s connection to the Crack epidemic that has devastated Urban America. The companion single is called, “Go With Me” and will most definitely re-establish Wise Intelligent, as one of the most lyrically gifted and sincere wordsmith’s to ever bless the microphone! You can currently sample a few new teaser tracks from the album “Still Black”, “Ni**as Please”, and “Revolution Is” at

      Wise Intelligent is the front man for the critically acclaimed and Legendary Hiphop trio known to the world as the “Poor Righteous Teachers”. PRT hail from and represent to the fullest Trenton New Jersey (New Jerusalem). They released five incredible albums throughout their illustrious career. Their groundbreaking first album Holy Intellect was released on Profile records in 1990 and introduced to the world one of the most unique and revolutionary sounds in Hiphop history. Their equally impressive follow up album Pure Poverty was released in 1991 and cemented their place as one of Hiphop’s most elite groups. Black Business (1993/Profile), New World Order (1996/Profile), and Declaration of Independence (2001/Exit 7a Records) continued to build on PRT’s standard of lyrical excellence and commitment to raising the consciousness of poor people worldwide.

      September 28th, 2005 will mark the moment when a True MC and Classic Hiphop Muzik will make it’s debut against the backdrop of the heavily marketed and marginally talented artist that has saturated the industry for far too long. Wise Intelligent’s message is a simple yet powerful one “To give your life so that the people can live is the greatest of all sacrifices”. So tell me are you ready to go back to the time when talent determined who was the best MC? Well, if you are, then get ready to embrace and experience “The Talented Timothy Taylor”…
      " Fried, Baked, Grilled, Boiled Or Smoked, The Only Good Pig, Is A Dead Pig...Fuck The Holice!!!"

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      Stop the Fuckin' Press

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      If you are not hip to the Poor Righteous Teachers, and you call yourself hip hop do your research children. As a 36 year old B-Boy/Revolutionary/Poet/Afrikan/Father/Husband I give much props to the God Wise Intelligent, I heard the tracks and was blown away, almost brought tears to my eyes (lol) to see that Wise is appearing to the masses again to join on with real lyrical revolutionaries like Dead Prez, Mos, Talib, Common,Badu, etc., etc., Real revolutionaries stand up the war is on, and being fought on the highest plane, the soul/mind/spirit. When I hear music like this I look at my children and my wife and my extended family called Afrikans and know for sure that which I must do. This type of shit should be pumped daily, loud and continuously. Big ups to the God, Wise Intelligent.

      p.s. Now all we need is for Rakim and X-clan to put out some heat and the soundtrack of my life will be complete.

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      I visited his myspace profile, and he's EXCELLENT! He's holds much knowledge on various subjects; "Revolution Is" is going to throw some people for a loop, but he is unapologetic, which gets mad props from me.

      Great post (once again) DJ RBG! I'll be sure to cop his album.

      Pyrrhic Victory (New songs are up!):

      Some people take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, when in actuality, no one else is really taking them as seriously as they think.

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