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      Hip-Hop and racist Bill Bennet

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      Cousin Jeff, Hip Hop Caucus set to bring Heat to Bill Bennet
      ”I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could -- if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down.”
      --Bill Bennett, Bill Bennett Morning in America, 9/28/05

      “Bennett’s comments went beyond being hurtful to the black community, who are still suffering from the pain of Katrina. The calling for genocide in an effort to reduce crime takes us back to Pharaoh and the Hebrews slaves, observes Rev. Yearwood. "We should not allow this egregious affront to all African-Americans to go unchallenged, lost in the maelstrom of media spin and dismissal. We must stand together to call out and confront the white supremacist presumptions about African-American people which are pervasive throughout the policies and perspectives of the Bush Administration and the conservative right-wing in this country." Bennett's comments serve to heighten and reinforce stereotypes within the white community and to aggravate antagonism within the black community. We will not allow him to soft soap his racist presumptions and we must not allow him to shroud his racism, to wrap his racism in the protection of the First Amendment.”

      "While the First Amendment allows freedom of expression without governmental interference, speech particularly speech on the public airways - creates an impact and bears consequences. Beyond that, expressly hate speech is illegal. Bennett's comments foment racial hatred - fear and animosity toward black people based on a bigoted notion that they are more inclined to commit crimes, creates an impact and has consequences. Perpetuating stereotypes and propagating untruths about an African-Americans predisposition for unlawful conduct pervades the media and needs to be challenged by the not just African-Americans but all Americans who love justice. Such comments cannot be tolerated, particularly when spoken a public figure such as Bill Bennett who was former Secretary of Education and who presents himself as a "values czar."

      The Hip Hop Caucus is calling for Bennett to apologize to the African-American community on Wednesday, to come down to the streets and answer to the people he insulted to the students and parents and children and community activist and church leaders whose humanity he so cavalier fashioned. The Hip Hop Caucus is demanding that the Salem Radio Network remove Bennett’s show from the air and for the FCC to issue fines for what can only be construed as racists and therefore hate speech and the Hip Hop Caucus is calling on college students from across the country along with think tanks from communities of color to combat such hateful speech in the future.

      Tell Salem Radio Network, which claims to air Christian broadcasting, that we will not tolerate intolerance! As a united multi-cultural community, we must protest Bennett’s blatant equation of race and criminal propensity as verbal violence to African-American generations past and generations to come!

      So Bill Bennett doesn’t actually support abortion, he does summarily conclude that at birth, a newborn is genetically predisposed as an African-American to become a criminal. Such obscenity must not be permitted on the public airways as a result of popular outrage!

      No race is more inclined to commit crimes than any other. There are more white drug users and dealers than blacks. There are more white burglars than blacks. There is less enforcement against white-collar crimes than other crimes. The mass incarceration of African-Americans is a product of our prison industrial complex, a product of our policing, a product of the poverty of our inner city, a product of the failures of our public schools, a product of a lack of opportunity. Don’t allow a false scholar and self-appointed philosopher, to blame the powerless and use the defense of free speech as a smokescreen for white supremacy.

      Bennett’s remarks reinforce obscene racial stereotypes, which continue to reinforce racial discrimination. As pointed out by, these racial biases make jurors much more likely to convict innocent Black people. They make employers reluctant to hire Black people. And Nazis and Klansmen use race-based generalizations like the one Bennett has made to justify genocide. There is no place for this kind of bigotry on our national airwaves.


      For more information: or 1-888-545-0113

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      Thats whats up

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      Its good that their continously bringing fire to his ass. We as Afrikans tend to forget about and sometimes forgive when these devils make stupid ass comments like those.
      "You think if there really is a God, he would agree with the man that shot Joanne Chesimard(F*** Naw) You listen what I learn to tell, I got a prophecy them crackers that framed Herman Bell gonna burn in Hell.". Saigon

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