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      Public Enemy and...Comic Books?

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      It's true (yes!)!

      Public Enemy Comic Book To Debut In 2006
      By Tiffany Hamilton
      Date: 10/6/2005 5:00 pm

      Legendary Hip-Hop group Public Enemy has teamed with Adam Wallenta of American Mule Entertainment to release a politically charged comic book.

      The untitled comic book, made with the cooperation of PE front man Chuck D, will be an action-adventure story that reflects the political and ideological views of the group that hit big with songs like "Don't Believe the Hype," "911 Is a Joke," and the 1989 classic anthem "Fight the Power."

      "The reality is Public Enemy is a world-famous revolutionary, political Hip-Hop band that inspires young and old alike," co-creator Adam Wallenta told “The fiction is they are members of a secret underground organization called the Underground Railroad, while they are touring the world they act as agents of peace and justice and help people whenever they are in need. They don't have super powers but they still kick major ass. There will be lots of adventure and action as well as social commentary reflecting many of today's issues."

      Wallenta worked on several comics in the past, including “Imagine” and “The Retributors” and Marvel's "X-Nation" and "New Warriors" comic books.

      "I was interning for Marvel Comics and they had a music division that was producing a Public Enemy comic book," Wallenta explained. “I remember seeing some of the artwork and thinking they had it all wrong. Because of poor sales with some of their other books and a shake up in the editorial offices, I believe the book was scrapped all together. After seeing them on tour I decided to run the idea past them about doing a comic book and we created the concept."

      The untitled comic book will come with an exclusive CD of new PE material that will coincide with several group projects in the works, as well as songs by artists from Chuck D's label Slam Jamz and other artists.

      To help build some buzz for the graphic novel, Wallenta and Chuck D. plan to release a one-shot featuring pages and sketches from the book.

      A section of illustrated lyrics to a new PE song about Hurricane Katrina will also be included and proceeds will go towards Katrina relief.

      The Public Enemy comic book will make its debut at the 2006 Comic-Con International in San Diego.
      Pyrrhic Victory (New songs are up!):

      Some people take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, when in actuality, no one else is really taking them as seriously as they think.

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      I better be quiet before I reveal how nerdy I am. Let's just say "I'm going to get that comic book" LOL!!! Thanks for the heads up Alchey!

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