Memo to Cam'ron and other Rappers Stop Flossing
Memo to Cam'ron and other Rappers Stop Flossing
By Lethal Wonder

Why am I not surprised to hear that Dipset CEO Cam’ron got shot up the other night while driving around the streets of DC showing off his Lamborghini? To be honest, part of me was like ‘Good that niggaz needs to be shot’ while the other side of me, my common sense side asked ‘Why are Black folks always hurting one another?’

In the case of Cam’ron, what was he thinking? What was he trying to prove? All Saturday night him and his people were on the radio bragging that he had a sporty new expensive car and he was going to be flossing all over town. I don’t want to be a hater but come on dude why was he doing this?

Black people in DC are hungry. Black people are getting moved the @#%$ out of the city by rich white developers. DC is no longer chocolate city. The average home is like over half a million dollars and that’s for something cheap. Black people can barely afford to take care of their kids. Times are hard. Did Cam’ron not get that memo? Did he think he was going to get throngs of adoring admirers fawning over him in hopes that he would give them a ride or a bunch of slightly pissed off poor Black folks who wanna know why this dude is driving around in car that costs as much as house? I knoow a lot of people who go to Dream/ H2O like to pretend they’re rich and have it like that, but the reality is they don’t.

Katrina just happened, and Black folks are still reeling from that. Could this brotha have thought about that and maybe bragged on the radio that he was gonna turn in his car and give that money for on going relief efforts? Do you think he could have went on the radio and bragged to the people that he was going to sacrifice and trade in his car and get a couple of vans or buses to help people who are still trying to relocate? Or perhaps Cam’ron could have taken that car money and helped donate some ends to find some of the 1500 children still missing from the hurricane. Cam’ron could have been a hero in DC by offering to put up money for all those people the city is trying to move out of SE to make way for the new stadium.

All this flossing by all these knucklehead rap stars when everyone else is starving is too much. Did someone inform Cam’ron that it’s not cool to snitch? Yes, I said snitch. Snitching in my book is rolling through the hood telling everybody how much money and assets you got when niggaz is hungry. That’s snitching. Why not keep that to yourself? Be low key. Don’t shove all this in people’s faces.

Please note. Cam’ron was not giving the car away to some lucky fan. To my knowledge, he does not have a big time endorsement deal with whatever company makes Lamborghinis. So why is he pushing this so hard on the people? What does he get out of it? If you ask me, he was trying to shove his riches in good fortune in people’s faces, knowing that very few us can ever get to his financial level.

Call it jealousy if you must because that’s what it is. Call it haterade ‘cause that’s what’s happening. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Cam’ron and his click came to DC and went out of their way to try and shove their riches in people’s faces and when people are hungry and desperate, that is not cool. So I’m sorry dude got shot. I’m glad he’s going to make it, because so many people this year have not made it after being shot and robbed in DC. But Cam’ron and other rappers have got to stop with this foolishness of flossing.

by Lethal Wonder