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      What do you love more...50 cent or Civil Rights?

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      I found this article today. What feelings do you have on the new 50 Cent movie " Get Rich or Die Trying"?

      Civil Rights group Set to Speak Out Against 50 Cent's Movie
      What? A coalition of Los Angeles Community
      leaders, and parents who have lost children to gun
      violence are demanding that Paramount Studios
      remove the billboards and posters that are currently
      being used to promote the upcoming release of
      Gangsta rapper Curtis" 50 CENT" Jackson's new movie
      "Get Rich Or DieTryin." The billboards and posters
      depict the gangsta rapper "50 CENT" armed with
      handguns and pointing them.

      Why: " Gun violence is one of the leading causes of death for
      young black males in South Central Los Angeles and
      across urban America. It's irresponsible for Paramount
      Pictures to promote and market a movie that glorifies
      carrying guns.Guns are weapons of mass destruction,
      that are used to kill people, we demand that Paramount
      Pictures remove these negative images of death
      and destruction,images that our young children are
      influenced by stated Najee Ali of Project Islamic HOPE

      When: Tuesday Oct 25.2005

      Time: 11:00 am

      Where: 6422 Crenshaw Blvd.
      South Los Angeles Ca, 90043

      Sponsors: Project Islamic HOPE
      The National Action Network
      Justice For Murdered Children
      Stop The Violence Increase The Peace
      Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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      i feel what the group is doing is pointless...they focusing on the wrong thing...the billboard does nothing...they're just bored....1...
      I'm like Martin Luther king, people listen to me alot/
      it's non-violent non-violent, till i'm hit wita rock/
      then it's coretta fuck this, gone hand me my glock/ -50cent

      Gotta dope dealers bop, wita righteous state of mind/
      Guess i'm half of my pops, enlighten by the qu'ran/- ME

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      Yeah, removing the billboards is not where the focus should be. Focus on the young brothers that they are so concerned about. YT ain't gonna do anything but laugh at them and collect their box office money. Besides, if they want it down...Destroy it themselves!
      Nuk Khapera Heru'ur
      The Greatest Revenge Is MASSIVE Success!

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      the only billboards/posters i've seen for get rich or die tryin' are the ones of 50 holding a baby.

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