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      Sadat X of Brand Nubian..

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      Experience and Education w/ Sadat X of Brand Nubian
      Sadat X of Brand Nubian giving the fans Experience and Education
      By William Hernandez

      Derek “Sadat X” Murphy, who is one-third of the hip-hop group Brand Nubian, is one of the most distinctive emcees out there. Since the early 90s, he has released five albums with the group, one solo album and an EP. Now in 2005 he releases his sophomore album entitled Experience and Education. He’s worked with a wide range of artists from Jay Z to underground emcees such as Thirstin Howl III. In this interview he talks about the album and the many experiences he’s had and how he’s grown as an artist and individual.

      UAN: Talk to us about your new album and what the theme of it is?

      SX: The album is called Experience & Education. Basically experience is what I’ve lived in these past years. Through all of these years of coming out, back when we were seventeen, eighteen to now. That’s the experience of going to different places and the education of knowing about these places and learning new things. I’ve been all over the world. A lot of people don’t realize that Brand Nubian is worldwide. Sadat X is worldwide.

      UAN: What is the difference between this album and your first solo album?

      SX: This album was done with a lot of preparation. I wanted to get the best beats I could get and just give a message. I think The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy was basically thrown together, but this one is planned out with more effort. I took more time with the rhymes. I didn’t close myself off and vibe to where I wasn’t even listening to other music. I was just listening to what I was doing and tried to keep my straight forward focus because I didn’t want to take it from nobody else.

      UAN: What producers do you have on this album? I know you have DJ Spinna and Diamond. Who else worked with you on this project?

      SX: I got my man Klutch, Roots & Minnesota. A lot of people came through to help me. There were a couple of people that I didn’t get with. I wanted to get with Buckwild, but we didn’t meet. I wanted to get with Showbiz, but it didn’t go down. I still want to use them for some remix stuff. It was basically dudes trying to look out for me. I explained the situation to them. I wasn’t really working with that much money. I was just trying to get it done and people worked with me.

      UAN: How did you develop a relationship with Peter’s label Female Fun Music through which you released this album?

      SX: I’ve known Peter for a while. He’s a straight forward dude. I told him I was with Mad Records. That was another label. But that wasn’t working out. He was like “Don’t mess with them no more, come see me.” It came to a point that it wasn’t going down no more with them. I spoke to him and he stepped in.

      UAN: I was surprised to hear you and Grand Puba on the song Bread & Butter on Beanie Seagal album The B Coming. How did that collaboration happen?

      SX: They called for us. I guess he came up with a song and he had us in mind for it. They reached out to us. I love Beanie for that. Because he’s one of the artists that I really like and respect. I’m glad to see him come through his troubles, because Beanie is very talented.

      UAN: Any other projects you’re working on?

      SX: I’m doing this and I have a project with Money Boss Players, that’s Minnesota’s group. He’s DJing for Mos Def right now. Basically it’s from the heart. I always try to keep my sh*t real. Talk about sh*t and things I’ve done and seen. I don’t like to talk about a lot of sh*t I haven’t participated in first hand. Money Boss Players, that’s family. I’ve seen them come up. They were on my Wild Cowboys album back when they were like seventeen, sixteen years old and they were on the grind. I respect anybody who is on the grind. I feel in hip-hop there is like a 50 Cent/Jay Z level. Then there is a Talib Kweli/Kanye West level. I feel I fit right in that middle because my peoples, we grind. Do whatever we got to do. Maybe it ain’t for all that paper. Maybe it’s just a payment, but we grind it out. I’ve been outside with my people at 3 or 4 in the morning trying to get paper and I’m an old dude. They respect me for that grind. I made my album for the people that maybe work a 9 to 5, come home and relax and listen to some music, because there’s a lot of those people out there. I feel a lot of times those people get forgotten.

      UAN: On a personal level. I heard you went to Africa a while ago and that changed your views radically. What did you see over there that made you change?

      SX: When I went to Africa it was much different that what I expected. First of all, I went to Nigeria. It was very corrupt over there. We couldn’t even do the show because sh*t had jumped off with the government or whatever. It just wasn’t what I expected. I guess that I was naïve to the fact. I thought I would be seeing jungle and sh*t like this and that. I’ve seen ghetto, ni**as selling crack. I’ve seen the Arabs over there just like the Arabs owning the stores over here. It was very different. It’s a struggle over there and everybody who’s screaming “Back to Africa!” they better know something before they go over there because Nigeria is not the place to f**k around with. It was corrupt over there. Dudes over there are like armed gangs running around in streets. It was on some real sh*t over there.

      UAN: What is the craziest experience you’ve had while on tour?

      SX: It’s been a lot of sh*t, but I remember one time, it was in Rhode Island. We was doing a show. It was us (Brand Nubian), Leaders Of The New School, and KMD was there. That was when we were going out on the grind on the tour bus. I remember an older lady came out and she wanted to get herself knocked down and she came with her daughter. She was offering her daughter too. I was like “damn man, somebody is coming here. Mom wants to get knocked down and she’s offering her daughter. Is it worth all that?” It was crazy.

      UAN: Did you take the offer? (LOL)

      SX: Nah I didn’t mess with moms. Moms looked like she was smoking, battling a substance. It was just crazy to see that somebody would come out and offer their daughter. I guess that’s what people go to the extremes and do.

      UAN: Any last words?

      SX: Just let the people know this album is from the heart. Everything you hear on this album is real. I don’t deal with bullsh*t. I’m too old for that, I’m grown. It don’t make no sense for me to play no games. Just pick it up and live it and enjoy it.

      For more info on Sadat X visit

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      Thank you, Sis!

      It's been a while since I've heard Sadat X. ("Da game neva change, only da playas." Memba dat? In fact, I think it's gon' be my quote of the day.)
      "The greatest mistake of the movement has been to organize a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, then youll get action." Brother Malcolm

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