Snoop, Daz and Other Rappers Step up to Save Tookie
A Few Things to Ponder-Rapper Step Up to Save Tookie
by Davey D

With a less then 3 weeks away to the December 13th execution date of Crips gang founder turned children’s advocate and 5 Time Noble Peace prize nominee Stan ‘Tookie’ Williams, some of the West Coasts biggest Hip Hop starts are stepping up and speaking out.

A couple of weeks ago we sat down with long time rapper and former Ice Cube protégé Kam who gave us an in-depth perspective on how the penal and law enforcement system works especially when it comes to dealing with LA gang members whether they are reformed or not. Kam explained the types of problems; discouragement and oftentimes outright antagonism that came from the LAPD after the Bloods and Crips finally put down their arms and turned away long held all too often fatal grudges and anger to form a historic peace treaty in the wake of the 1992 Rodney King riots. He spoke in-depth about the types of undermining tactics that were used by corrupt police officers including attempts to pit gang members who signed the truce to go up against one another.

The unwillingness for the government to recognize and encourage the Peace efforts of ’92 is one reason why Kam was not surprised to see the reluctance of the government to remove the death sentence from Tookie Williams. Kam who spends most of his days talking about peace with young people in the hoods of South LA trying to get them to turn their lives around had written some landmark songs about these ongoing peace efforts including his classic jam ‘Peace Treaty’, says it appears that many within the system fear Tookie’s wisdom and his ability to turn his life around. He says that Tookie’s redemption is troublesome to a system that seeks to keep Black people divided, confused and in disarray.

Two other prominent rappers and Crip affiliated artists who are speaking out are Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger along with the rest of and their Dogg Pound camp are speaking up and encouraging the world to deluge Governor Arnold’s Swartznegger’s office with letters and petitions. Snoop and Daz will be joining hundreds of activists this Saturday November 19th in front of San Quentin for a Peace Maker Rally. Snoop who is the scheduled headliner for the event has been gearing up to do a huge media blitz over the next week encouraging everyone to step up and do whatever it takes to support the efforts to save Tookie’s life. His participation comes as a welcome addition and boost in the arm for many who openly wondered why more artist of his stature who often talk about gangsterism in their songs had not spoken out more.

One of the glaring observations that was recently made by community activist and former gang member Nagee Ali of Project Islamic Hope was that were many within the Hip Hop community who have literally made millions off associating themselves with LA Gang lifestyle. You see people wearing rags or sporting the colors, doing the Crip Walk in their videos and even hanging out with known gang members as a way to prove to the world that they are down. One would think that you would see more folks speaking up. Fortunately Snoop and Daz who have never been shy about their letting the world know their past affiliations had long intended to be involved in the efforts to Save Tookie.

Daz and his group the Dogg Pound recently completed a song and a video featuring Jamie Foxx called ‘Real Soon’ about people locked up in prison. The song which also features crooner Nate Dogg is dedicated to ‘Big Tookie’ who they want to see set free.

Daz released a statement that says:

I, Daz Dillinger, urge the Black community and Hip Hop community to stand up for Big Tookie by joining the rally on November 19th, 2005. God puts opportunities in our midst to test us and challenge us to see if we are willing to risk it all to do what's right. I am willing to do what is right and I am asking the Hip Hop community and the black community are you?

Stan "tookie" Williams was convicted of 4 murders in 1981 by means of circumstantial evidence. Again that was circumstantial evidence. And he has always maintained his innocence of these crimes. Racism and hatred was at the core of the prosecutions effort to demonize Stan Williams. They used language like "animals - in - a - jungle" to describe the condition of him. As a result, Stan "tookie" Williams was sentenced to death row and has spent over 20 years in prison where he underwent a spiritual transformation that some of us out in the streets do not receive. As depicted in the made for television movie "REDEMPTION" - Starring Jamie Foxx, Stan "Tookie" Williams has accomplished much over the years. He is not the man that is depicted by the media. He has won a Nobel Peace Prize, writes children books and advocates peace in the streets. You can see a tribute video on BET to Stan Tookie Williams in the upcoming video featuring myself, Snoop, Kurupt and Nate Dogg called "Real Soon".

Let's not just sit by and cry later. Let's create history. I want to state to the Hip Hop community that just because Rosa Parks is no longer here doesn't mean we no longer have to stand up when we feel that there is an injustice. We need new Martin Luther King Jrs and new Rosa Parks to continue to challenge us all to step our game up. I know that myself alone I am not qualified to be either one of those great leaders, but I am hoping that together, we all can try to do a fraction of their work when the time and circumstance calls us to do it. The time is now. Big Tookie is executed if we don't do something, on December 13th, 2005 on circumstantial evidence.

If your organization believes in staging economic boycotts, then it's time to do it. If your organization believes in a peace rally, then it's time to do it. Whatever your social organization believes in doing that can draw attention to this case, I urge the Black community and the Hip Hop community to stand up and not allow another Black man to be murdered, without just cause. On November 19th, I invite you to join Snoop at the Peace Rally, from 10am-12 noon. You can call 510-253-5418 to find out more information. If you need information on You can also call the "terminator" Gov. Schwarzenegger at 916-445-2841. You can email him to To find out more information go to Stan William's web site: I urge us to act fast because they are trying to execute him December 13, 2005.

We can all do something, if we stood up when the circumstance presented itself. I am telling you the circumstance has just presented itself for the Black community, what are we going to do about it?

This message is a call to action statement, and not intended to be a press release.

For information on Daz Dillinger visit
If you'd like to personally join me on that day of the event, email Big A, Put in the subject line: SAVE BIG TOOKIE.

lastly folks need to be awre of this new compilation album that has just come out called "REDEMPTION - Hip Hop United 2 SAVE Stan TOOKIE Williams" featuring dead prez, Paris, T-Kash, Frontline, Boo Ya Tribe, WC, Jt the Bigga Figga and Bicassa of Living Legends to name a few