Sugu "Sugu"

Social Misfit Entertainment is proud to announce the UK release of the 8th album from East Africa’s most regarded and influential hip-hop artist, SUGU (aka Mr II).

Hailing from Tanzania (locally referred to as Bongo) SUGU has been actively involved in the hip-hop scene for well over a decade now. As well as winning various pan-African music accolades, performing at numerous international festivals including Womad, Mundial, etc.,plus organising the now renowned annual Tanzania Hiphop Summit, he has also released a critically acclaimed album in nearly each of the last 7 years, with sales fast approaching a million units. His observant narratives, canny wordplay and flamboyant delivery has seen him commonly referred to as Bongo’s nearest equivalent to Nas or even Jay-Z.

Sugu’s latest instalment draws on an international outlook and is sprinkled with universal appeal and originality throughout. Remaining true to his Bongo foundations Sugu delivers the album in his native language, Swahili – the African language of choice for Hollywood blockbusters,
for this much anticipated epic.The self-titled album comfortably sits at that mid-point
between social-consciousness and lyrical bravado. A diverse array of topics concerning himself, his country, its people and Africa are documented in an engaging and entertaining manner, i.e., prostitution (the enlightening Sista’z Song), emigration plights (the amusing Mamtoni), the street-children epidemic (the touching Watoto Wa Mitaani), etc.

The buzz on this album in Tanzania and other Swahili speaking regions has been incredible and it’s no wonder that his eighth album is already hailed as his best to date. The jump-off single Moto Chini and its accompanying video are currently commanding domestic airwaves and has, perhaps unsurprisingly, become an anthem in clubs throughout Bongo and the rest of East Africa. This firing announcement could easily be proceeded by any of the 9 other potential singles featured on the album,
though current radio and club favourites, Alright and Mikono Juu prevail – (Look out for the upcoming remixes as featured on the upcoming double A-side!)

Production on the album comes courtesy of fellow East-African, the renowned UK-residing Sir Prestige (Social Misfits). The Kenyan beatsmith provides a succulent array of hip-hop soundscapes alongside contributions from 9-Lives (Stone Circle, UK) and Kiboy (BlaO Entertainment, Sweden). Featured guests include Balozi who represents Bongo Flava from New York, Samia X (of legendary Bongo outfit, Kwanza Unit), up-coming UK songstress Tina Roberts and East Africa’s No. 1 radio, club and TV personality, DJ Pinye.

1. Kwenya Mbio
2. Alright
3. Sistaz Song
4. Nishai
5. Ningeweza
6. DJ Pinye Interlude
7. Mikono Juu
8. 999
9. Moto Chini
10. Mamtoni
11. Watoto Wa Mitaani

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