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      culture bandit watch

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      November 01, 2005 (Posted Date)

      by Del Jones

      When whites claim that Elvis Presley is not dead, they’re not talking ‘bout that fat, drug addicted man who is now gone, but the process of Culture Banditry that is alive and well in Eminem, Britney Spears, Sting, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Sanborn, Kenny G and the legions lining up to steal the culture of Afrikan people, enjoying wealth/power and respect after the theft from the people darker than blue.

      We are mass media junkies, who must get a daily jolt of their barbarism, murder, sexual backwardness, and anti-Afrikan propaganda. Their mass media continues to “annihilate Afrikan Images” to stall our struggles for liberation. In addition they are managing and destroying our culture as they continue the “Black Holocaust.” The Culture Bandits goal is to control our consciousness and produce Negro victims for exploitation.

      It is critical that we understand; cartoons, radio, talk shows, television, music, videos movies, soap operas sports and fashions. We will watch that bastard “Amerikkkan Kulture” as it continues to destroy positive Afrikan images and culture. The Culture Bandit Watch is design to dissect and expose the enemy and the sellouts who enjoy a life of privilege because of the damage they do to we!

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      Asante sana for the posting, i was just tryna figure out how to post Bro. Del's website and, as usual, i can count on the warriors here to be on da case! Nuff respect due!
      "We must continue to move forward and do everything we can to outlaw legal lynching in America. We must continue to stand together in unity and to demand a moratorium on all executions. You must stay strong. You must continue to hold your heads up, and to be there. We will prevail. Keep marching Black people. They are killing me tonight. They are murdering me tonight." -- Excerpts of Last Words of Bro. Shaka Sankofa, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas, 6/22/00.

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