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      Beefs, Gangsterism, Mediocrity Pt1

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      Beefs, Gangsterism, Mediocrity & Sleeping Giants: Disposable Hip Hop
      By Davey D

      It seems like every year around this time I sit back and reflect on what went down over the past 12 months and offer up some ‘tongue and cheek’ awards, a summary of ‘The Year in Hip Hop’ and of course an overriding theme. This year is no different. However, unlike year’s past I think the end of 2005 marked the end of an era.

      Now, I’m not quite sure how I would go about describing this era. I wouldn’t exactly call it jiggy. That’s played out. It wasn’t gangsta although there were a few manifestations of that… But let’s be real whatever gangsterism we saw in Hip Hop amongst its artists was nothing in comparison to the gangsterism of some of our elected, selected and installed government officials and the heads of some of these big multi-national corporations who put them on and back them up.

      I mean lets keep things real and in perspective. All the @#%$ talking we do on wax and amongst each other in petty beefs i.e. Game vs. 50, The Source vs. G-Unit, XXL and now Ozone Magazine is nothing when you look at a cat like George Bush who sat up on TV the other night with a bit fat smirk on his face and was popping off at the mouth damn near saying; “Hell Yeah I spied on the American People and in fact I am gonna do that @#%$ again-I don’t care if its legal or not. I’m running @#%$ and that’s how it going down. What you niggas and bitches gonna do ‘bout dat?”

      Sadly Bush’s remarks came on the heels of another gangster move by a government official. This one was by the Terminator aka Arnold ‘Nazi-Man’ Schwarzenegger who ignored the hundreds of thousand of emails and phone calls from all over the world and dozens of rallies, film screenings and town hall meetings asking him to grant clemency to Crips co-founder turned peacemaker Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. It didn’t matter to him that there was unprecedented organizing by younger members of the Hip Hop generation who came to see the redemption of Tookie as a symbol of hope and living proof that you can come from the proverbial wrong side of the tracks and ultimately turn your life around and do good.

      As Snoop Dogg pointed out in our recent interview; Tookie’s stance against gang violence and call for peace went a long way with people who felt they could relate to him because they had walked in the same shoes. He noted that Tookie living, speaking out, writing anti-gang books and laying out peace accords for gangs members to follow was far more valuable to the community then him being dead. Him being executed would extinguish hope and send a signal to people struggling to get their lives on track, that ‘no matter what you do or how much you change you will still be a criminal in the eyes of this nation.

      Such perspectives were spoken directly to the governor by people close to him. He received emails, letters and phone calls by the tens and hundreds of thousands asking him to spare Tookie. But in the end it didn’t matter. It didn’t even matter that the Terminator actually knew Tookie from his early body building days and was set to put him in the movie ‘Conan the Barbarian’ He like Bush turned around and tossed up his middle finger and damn near said; “@#%$ all y’all I’m gonna personally make sure Tookie is killed”.
      And if to add insult to injury he wrote a six page diatribe explaining his rationale for not granting clemency. Among his reasons was Tookie giving a shout out to Freedom Fighters like George Jackson, Malcolm X, Assata Shakur and Nelson Mandela to name a few. The Terminator said these people have violent pasts therefore Tookie was not redeemed.

      What Schwarzenegger did was major and makes you wonder what sort of response Hip Hop gangsta community will ultimately deliver. After all in 2005 we saw people keep it gangsta by shooting at each other in front of Hot 97 over hurtful remarks espoused on the airwaves. We saw demonstrations and the offices of Violator Records and management get picketed with folks who wanted us to know about G-Unot. We saw lavish praise and admiration get heaped on Lil Kim because she kept it ‘gangsta’ and did not snitch on her ‘gangsta’ rap friends from Junior Mafia who were gangsta enough to shoot it out with rival rap crews because of song lyrics.

      Yep, we saw and heard about all sorts of gangsta related incidents and lyrics within Hip Hop over the past year. We had the Irv Gotti trial that was full of gangsta related drama, intrigue and a few shootings. We have Foxy Brown up in court for getting gangsta with a couple of hairstylists. Earlier this year she brought the gangsta attitude to Miami and got into a physical confrontation with Miami’s First Lady Jackie O. As of late we have the Young Jeezy Snowman logo being sported all over New York by those who profess their undying love and loyalty to ‘the game’. But will any of that gangsta attitude and mystique be redirected? Will all that hardcore gangsterism rub off and have folks rolling up to check the killers of Tookie Williams? Heck, lets forget the Governor for a second. Will the gangsta ethos have cats showing up in front of the LA based Clear Channel station that broadcasted a ‘Kill Tookie Hour’ show everyday at 5pm-drive time for a month leading up to his execution? Will any of that gangsta ethos rub off and let dude in the white house know it ain’t cool to spy on your citizens?

      There were only a few places where I saw Hip Hop get really gangsta. First we have France which may very well surpass the US as Hip Hop’s largest marketplace within the next couple of years. Cats over there got sick and tired of racism and being treated like crap and went off for 17 days. They damn near set the whole country on fire and would not let up even after curfews and Marshall Law was declared.

      There was no silly G-Unit’s vs. the Hip Hop World Piggy Bank type beef. There was Hip Hop vs. the Government type beef. That was real gangsta. It was so gangsta that the French parliament is seeking out all sorts of French rap groups who they accuse of setting things off with their songs. I mean if we wanna spark beefs in our rap songs and get the benefit of notoriety by doing such, rappers in 06 should at least make their enemies the social and political ills impacting them and their communities. Anything less then that is just a bunch of cats playing the role of ‘toy soldier’…

      Well continue this discussion in part 2

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