Jan.30th at B.B. KINGS in Downtown NYC, an extremely rare performance will be occuring by none other than the legendary God of emceeing himself, Rakim Allah.This shall be interesting, because I haven't seen Ra live on stage since the early '90's at the Ritz, & that was shot up from the inside, soon as he was setting off the night with *My Melody* !

Anyway,due to constant setbacks from his departure from Aftermath records[musical differences with production kingpin Dr.Dre] to alleged child support drama[which caused him to miss appearing at Ghostface Killah's function at Roseland] to publicly announced yet never released *Oh My GOD*album,Rakim's infamous mystique has everybody left wondering, does the God still have it?

Big Daddy Kane recently blessed B.B. KINGs with a concert so memorable, it should go on DVD! Hopefully, Rakim will leave our HipHop thirst soulfully quenched with the magnitude of magnetism only he & a select few{& I
do mean FEW} know how to deliver. What are YOUR experiences at a Rakim show?
Please share.