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      Hiphop's Elder Generations= Irrelevant?

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      WHY do the BEASTS UNSEEN try to TOTALLY ELIMINATE HIPHOP's ELDER GENERATIONS? YOUNGER generations of every other genre of music, from JAZZ,to ROCK & ROLL, to REGGAE to R&B to COUNTRY has LOVE for their ELDER ARTISTS.But HIPHOP? Here in the U.S. where it began? BLATANT DISRESPECT! For those who have actually raised our levels of consciousness & intelligence in their time,regardless of the *BLING*,artists such as L.L.COOL J,who's been out for over 20 YEARS,is barely known,let alone accepted by today's YOUTH.
      SLICK RICK is 40 yrs old now, & HE STILL PERFORMS FAR GREATER than MOST of today's RAP "STARS".Same with BIG DADDY KANE,DOUG E.FRESH, KOOL KEITH,etc.What is the devil's fear of our youth connecting with our SENIORS? I KNOW, HOWEVER, I'd love to hear YOUR perspective.:blackicon

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      I have been more and more out of the music genre so tell me more about how and who is giving them disrespect.

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      Hip Hop is still relatively new. I'm 21 years old and i can't name you all the pioneers or sing their catalouge. I mean i remember hearing Run DMC songs and PE songs, but the Death Row/Bad Boy era is what i remember more. This will prob hold true to those around my age. I was a teen listening to Jay-Z, DMX, Ryff Ryders, and everyone else on the radio. Understand what i'm saying?
      People who listened to Grunge when it first started can prolly name you tons of artists that kids who growing up on Grunge now don't know and their ideas of who was the best will differ accordingly.

      If i could choose Kool Keith or DMX to perform at my school, i'd prefer DMX, not because i have no respect for Keith, but because i didn't grow up on him and don't know his catalouge like DMX.
      "I come with my heart bearing truth, and there are no lies in it..."

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      Guerilla, whether you are aware of it or not the reason why you dont know the P.E. and Run DMC catalogue is because the industry wants to keep older artists from generating power to make decisions and sway consumers. They dont want a black Rolling Stones or U2, if they did the music would mature and balance out and they wouldnt be able to market a variety of artists - which would lead to more independent black labels and greater sharing of profit as a variety of music was introduced by older and seasonsed artists that went on to start new sub-genres and promote and own new musical styles. In the 80s it was okay to have variety because most artists had no business savvy. Allowing that variety now would threaten the monopoly of a Universal Records.

      Every other form of music sold in America today allows its "elders" to continue to make, produce and own its music, except for black forms. Even in R&B Lavert, O'Jays, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Maze etc... these people make a living very quietly because record labels dont want to pass to torch on to these people because they have elevated business sense now. If every body knew and listened to Anita Baker and Switch or whomever, they would eventually add new elements and push the music into a more respectable direction by simply balancing it out or by introducing new ways of performing or recording etc.

      Keeping it this way, with black youth not knowing they are guaranteed of two things: (1) they can always rip off the hottest new artist (2) they can always control production, sale and distribution because we dont network w/ the oldheads to make our money and rights are protected.
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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