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      This use to be my jam right here

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      Righ about now, I think it’s time you explained to everybody
      The real reason you wear this cahin around your neck, aight!

      (yo, yo this puff daddy number 1-6-double0-3-0-5-0 representin davenport
      The experimental prison, y’knowhuti’msayin? representin double I for life

      Verse 1: treach

      Too many of my people got time, it shows as crime unfolds
      Many snap in a trap now new minds explode
      Learn the ability to find their goals
      Locked in a facility where time is froze
      God knows the heart hurts to see no sky, just dirt
      They give a man a cell quick before they give a man work
      So we get into this black, this black cat syndrome
      Grow older like there’s no heart and no soul ingrown
      Bars and cement instead of help for our people
      Jails ain’t nothin but the slave day sequel
      Tryin to flee the trap of this nation
      Seein penitentiary’s the plan ta plant the new plantation
      They say we’ll take the animals from cottons and crops
      Straight to forgotten wit locks plottin to rottin our stocks
      They draw a crooked line and wait for your foot ta fall under
      Serving most of my brothers another football number
      Judges look at our seeds, these brothers, like enemies
      Saying we don’t need g’s, giving out years like free cheese
      Free please, nigga, ain’t no freedom
      Who’s locked up? who’s shot up? who’s strung out? who’s bleeding? keep
      I’m here to explain the chain remain the same
      Maintain for the brothers and sisters locked

      Chorus: the chain remains
      *repeat x4*

      (prisoner 1-5-4-3-0-5-0 representin jersey. all y’all niggas better back
      The fuck up, man, it’s gettin busy)
      (yo this is big kym comin straight outta compton. I’m locked up in fort
      Dix, new jersey, number 0-7-3-9-3-0-6-7. i, I be checkin y’all out in 1997,

      Verse 2: treach

      Nowadays still we’re captured, still hear wicked laughter while shackled
      We’re beaten and battered then cuffed after we’re tackled
      We’re tugged while increasing the mugged and indecent
      Hit one more time wit a black jack then dragged in the precinct
      Still don’t know what the back and forth, looking meaner, meant stripped
      Made into a convict, booked then fingerprinted
      How many more times of this humiliation?
      How many more bouts do we have to lose while we fight for our rights in
      This nation
      That we supposed ta have since birth
      But the breaks on the bricks get worse, so it’s jail first
      And that’s all they offer us
      Ain’t that right mr officer?

      Chorus (x10)

      (this is orion 15-431-0-5-0 up in tennesee outta fort dix representin
      Cleveland and illtown)

      Verse 3: treach

      Some rob blocks, does it matter or should it?
      While ghetto’s dodge, cops duck bullets and pull it
      I hang out and hustle wit my friends til the end, til the day we burn
      Ain’t no mystery we need victory, the system conspired
      The days of the riots ain’t retired
      But brothers staying calm cos they soldiers
      Til when the only solutions revolution, no we told ya
      The chain remains til we uprise
      Stuck in a land where we ain’t meant to survive
      And I hope this don’t suit ya, some work
      Like a slave ta get a hit but won’t work to save for a future
      And that’s when the cost is the man within
      And we’re just as lost as the land we in
      Some balst, some based and some dropped down
      And most who sold it right now are lock down and rocked round
      And it’s been happenin so much
      That they make it so that it ain’t even no shock now

      Chorus (x5)

      (this is lil’ steve 1-6-0-0-6-0-5-0 chillin at fort dix representin 118.
      Get out in ’96)
      The chain remains (peace then!)
      (this is, aah, lil’ pers, aah. 14-6-23-0-1-6 from washington dc. right now
      I’m up in fort dix, aah, jersey. my outdate is 12/25/2003. way I’m thinkin
      Is, aah, it’s on, mad stuff and we all better do somethin for the brothers
      Who is locked dizzown. cos they locked down and I don’t care if we
      Definitely lock down the heat. do something, do somethin bad. peace out!)


      Yo what’s up, this terreet pett, formerly known as 1-11-7-19
      I’d like to give a couple of shouts to come of the brothers
      I was locked down wit in borentown
      Aleem jones, kenneth myall, big will baskerville, big bruvon fuller
      My man asherkol from camden, big jahud from camden
      And I’m out!!
      The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Cynequa View Post
      Peaceloveblessings Fam.

      I wanted to start an official thread for our favorite/most noted/most learned from/most inspired + influenced by Hip Hop Quotables. Cuz we be saying some isht, for real!

      I'll start it off. This be from Thieves in the Night by BlackStar:

      ...there's never no in-between/we either niggers or Kings/we either bitches or Queens...

      ...this life is temporary/but the soul is eternal/seperate the real from the lie/let me learn ya....

      ...I give a damn if any fan recall my legacy/I'm tryna live my life in the sight of God's memory/like that, yall...

      This is just to start, but I would say Mos Def's ENTIRE rap in this song. I just love him, so. Him, Talib and Common... walking orgasms, man. LMAO. If I can get a bit of these 3 in one Brother.. its ON!

      So what say YOU? Who you feeling in their words? This can go on forever and ever...on to the Next Lifetime. So come on wit it, baybee!

      This is by far my favorite Hip Hop quote.."I'm livin' now, fuck back in the days/Does freedom have a meanin' if you're trapped in your ways?" -Cormega
      Trust nothing completely, not even the clearest water; for its very transparency alters things, making them larger than they are and changing their shape, or hiding them in its depths, smiling and murmuring as any politician would -Baltasar Gracian

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      N'dakaru (SUNU GAAL-Afrika)
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      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      "I'm not a hunter but i am told,
      that, uh, in places like in the arctic,
      where indiginous people sometimes might, might, hunt a wolf,
      they'll take a double edged blade,
      and they'll put blood on the blade,
      and they'll melt the ice and stick the handle in the ice,
      so that only the blade is protruding,
      and that a wolf will smell the blood and wants to eat,
      and it will come and lick the blade trying to eat,
      and what happens is when the wolf licks the blade,
      of course, he cuts his tongue, and he bleeds,
      and he thinks he's really having a good thing,
      and he drinks and he licks and he licks,
      and of course he is drinking his own blood and he kills himself "

      Wolves_ Dead Prez_ Omali Yeshitela

      And no matter what game they play
      We got something they could never take away
      And it's the fire (fire), it's the fire (fire)
      That's burning down everything
      Feel that fire (fire), the fire (fire)
      No water could put out this fire (fire)

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      The Afrikan Planet
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      Killah Priest Atoms to Adams

      So I begin, between, the media right, now walk like Christ
      except I'm not sacrificed, by the righteous parasite
      searching' for paradise, which is the birth-right
      of a celestial Nazarite, with appetites to bite from the tree of life
      smight, eadamite, sodomite, more bites, in the land of Kananights
      following six flame a lights, burning over 1 million degrees fahrenhight
      bright as, neon, beyond the satellites, flight takes me over cattle stocks
      blocks of ice, I began to flock, flock, flock, flock across Mecca
      with a rigid projector, seeking my scepter, looking, at, Rebecca
      two sons, popping through Jerusalem like the hoodlum
      Ahhh, ? enabled me to see the other galaxy, released Nora calories
      back 8 author, writers and ologies, I'm the author and the writer
      of a biography with god prophecies, and challenge Egyptology
      philophosies and Greek mythologies
      going through the gloss-arys of Socrates, with Pharisees
      and Sagulties, going through geology with dreams I contact
      the Hazmonian dynasty, clocks agree, one 68 BC
      charge far from the Wu Killa Bee into the families of the Mackabees
      I can see every species in 3D, have clear CD's
      show um' my pilgrimage, I walked through the wilderness
      I have the privilege the see the pyramids
      which gave me the will to live, to roam through the villages
      and heal the kids, walk across the bridge
      strong as ? and voice echo like ? across the great Amazon
      stretched out my hand like Yon
      till they reach Babylon, behold the physic phenomenon
      quiet storm, I wander out a horizon
      from the top of holy mount Zion, holding a staff
      and turn into a python, Killah Priest, a living icon
      sitting in a form of a Pentagon, in the center of the Octagon
      walking from ? to Saigon, to Lebanon to the walls of Hong Kong
      recite the 23rd song, long gone, before the crack of dawn
      dodging and weaving, through the Garden of Eden, without eating
      speeding, bubbin, lobbing, we ? the nation

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      "Singing Man" The Roots Featuring (Featuring Porn, Truck North & Dice Raw)

      [Truck North:]
      Uh, what you're witnessing is true dedication,
      Charged by the call and the cause of the nation,
      Countdown, minutes away from detonation,
      A lifetime of grunt work, this is the culmination,
      My manner, seems patient, inner rage lies
      So deep, I can taste it, let's sacrifice lives,
      Past the first sensation, to paradise I fly,
      Delusions are lighting up the midday sky,
      The last days of mine spent in extreme secrecy,
      Wolves dressed like sheep occur more frequently,
      Too much faith to be scared, to petrify both flare [? ],
      Those who live fearing death, might as well be dead,
      Towers of the occupiers, will soon fall,
      Martyr or mass murderer? That's your call,
      Mass transit or a mall? Who can watch them all?
      In the name of the merciful, sing me a song...
      "We may be investigated, incarcerated or murdered for the things we dare to write...
      But we are young and Black, fearless and free...
      Every poem, every incandescent word is a personal revolution"
      Celeste "ayasha" Golden (my queen rest well and I'll see you when I get there.)

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      Talib Kweli - NY Weather Report

      I’m not a judge, but I’m handin’ out sentences
      For political prisoners, and regular inmates with no visitors
      Niggas in the street outside the reach of the ministers
      Not those that say “spiritual,” but actual partitioners
      Rap listeners who be openin’ Black businesses
      This underground shit with samples that lack clearances
      Once you get past appearances, you can tell whose shit is fake
      Or whose shit is based on past experience
      You really been to war hand to hand like crack sales
      Building man to man, they tryna kill off the black male
      Females left to raise up her son, from the day he was one
      Til he twenty and he raise up a gun
      And get to blazin’ for his place in the sun
      The smoke grazin’ his lung, young in his years and he facin’ a ton
      None of his peers wanna share the role of child care provider
      But they’ll hit a nigga blunt and share saliva
      You ain’t a rider and you hustlin’ backwards
      Too many equate success with imitating these crackers
      So our kids lookin’ up to drug dealers and rappers
      We takin’ all the work away from the Black actors
      Revelation is first and Armageddon is after
      Tsunamis and hurricanes, natural disasters
      The fast food culture, speed is always a factor
      Instant gratification, they want the catch faster
      "If the enemy is not doing anything against you, you are not doing anything"
      -Ahmed Skou Tour

      "speak truth, do justice, be kind and do not do evil."
      -Baba Orunmila

      "Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular - but one must take it simply because it is right."
      --Dr. Martin L. King

      Get Involved!

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