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      M1 Speaks on Black History Month

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      Feb 3, 2006 4:41 PM
      Subject: Fuck Black History Month...
      Body: This is a press release we have sent out...Please circulate the message, I would like people to think about why this celebration exists and how truly dysfunctional it is.


      DATE: FEB 1, 2006


      (NEW YORK, NY) Rapper M-1, of dead prez, sounds off regarding yet another
      Black History month celebration this February. The rapper and activist
      feels the need to acknowledge Black contributions should be year round and
      the acknowledgement of this celebration also acknowledges the fact that
      Black life is marginalized. Below is his commentary on what he believes
      to be yet another insult thrown at Black people living in the United States:

      "Well, first of all I think the concept of Black History Month is insulting
      and offensive to all people of African descent. It seems like a measly,
      meaningless offer from the parasitic and capitalistic system that has
      amassed an empire of wealth from our worldwide community. Instead of
      offering us 28 days in February, we should be awarded reparations as this
      so-called Black History month doesnt include any agenda to lift oppression
      from Black life i.e. war on drugs, taxes, awful healthcare conditions, and
      economic disparity. Further, the actual name of this "sacred" month- Black
      History Month is damaging propaganda in it of itself. As my partner would say, we should call it Crack History Month because of the
      damage that has been done to our community. This is the reason why my most
      recent video, Til We Get There, ends up with a group of kids in the hood
      around a mural that we created which depicted the words Black History Month scratched out to reveal a more appropriate AFRICAN HISTORY YEAR Therefore, I propose a ban on the term Black History Month because it doesnt identify the land mass and the people that produced everything that we know of as culture today."-- M1, dead prez

      RBG4LIFE! Let em know...
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      RBG 4 Life! M1 is correct about the true meaning about black history month. Uhuru and RBG's 4 Life!

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      This is the kind of pointless and counter productive headline grabbing that stalls movements. They need go right on and establish their "Crack..." whatever. And since they're "celebrities" when man'n a mic with large audience, just remind folk that as is it limits Black folk w/i American culture. And highlights a selected same, agreeable crew each year.

      Rap some details about e.g Yaa Asantewaa; don't play into yt's game of publically down'n your own ancestors. I still would like to see some of our bad revolutionary whatevers placed into a scenario like the lead sista in SANKOFA. Or the role MutaBaruka did. Or be Mandingo in movie of same name and face b n made to jump into a man size kettle of boiling hot water! Or live through what Mama Coretta King did while and after her home was bombed with the children inside. And still kept herself in the spotlight. Or witness your husband, a father, etc be coldly iced as Malcolm X was. And Betty reared six daughters to adulthood.

      There weren't and aren't many Jonathan Jacksons around today. But then do we need any?

      Malcolm X said revolution is about LAND and it is BLOODY. While 'Umar, of the Last Poets, said n.i.g.g.a.s are scaired of Revolution. Talk is either preaching or teaching. Won't even kill a butterfly.

      One thing I credit KRS-1 for was to extend his audiences' knowledge from Black History into Afrikan History. They go together. In fact they're blood relatives.
      Free Dome Zone

      PayPal ready.

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