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Check out this Music Industry Book List

DONT TAKE ANYTHING ON FACE VALUE! Do your own research and find the book that fits your individual situation and circumstance.



0442006691 The Art of Recording: The Creative Resources of Music Production and Audio by William H. Moylan $54.95

0679730613 Hit Men: Power Brokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business by Frederic Dannen $12.80

0134023145 How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording: A Guide For the Nineties by Diane Sward Rapaport $29.95

1880559633 How to Pitch and Promote Your Songs by Fred Koller $15.16

0898794145 Making Money Making Music: No Matter Where You Live by James W. Dearing $15.16

0899798086 Musicians Guide to Making and Selling Your Own CDs and Cassettes by Jana Stanfield $15.19

0684807645 Rough Mix: An Unapologetic Look at the Music Business and How It Got That Way by Jimmy Bowen/Jim Jerome $17.50

0882843613 Attn: A&R: A Step-By-Step Guide Into the Recording Industry: For Artists and Songwriters by Teri Muench/Susan Pomerantz $17.95

1860741444 Good Vibrations: A History of Record Production by Mark Cunningham $14.95

0939067048 How to Be Successful In Music Without Overpaying Your Dues by Peter L. Alexander $21.95

0961682604 How to Open Doors In the Music Industry: The Independent Way by Frank Fara/Patty Parker $8.95

0932303307 The Music Business Inside Out! by Robert A. Livingston $69.95

0028726928 Sound Advice: The Music Guide to the Recording Industry by Wayne Wadhams $30.00

0886876877 The Ultimate Guide to Independent Record Labels and Artists: An A-To-Z Source of Great Music by Norman Schreiber $15.95

0811907988 Selling Songs Successfully by Henry Boye $11.96

0965131602 Tim Sweeneys Guide to Releasing Independent Records by Tim Sweeney/Mark Geller $27.95

0684836009 All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman $19.25

0898794153 Music Publishing: A Songwriters Guide by Randy Poe $15.19

0890878315 The Woman Source Catalog and Review: Tools for Connecting the Community For Women by Ilene Rosoff (Ed) $18.36

0911370374 How to Start a Record or Independent Production Company by Walter E. Hurst (no price avail)

0704322390 The Music Goes Round and Round; A Cool Look at the Recording Industry by Gammond $11.95

0879517700 The Nashville Music Machine: The Unwritten Rules of the Country Music Business by Dan Daley $23.95

0198166087 Sound Recording Practice by John Borwick, ed. $35.00

0898795087 88 Songwriting Wrongs and How to Right Them: Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting and Make Yours Songs More Marketable by Pat & Pete Luboff $14.39

045227011 The Complete Handbook of Songwriting: An Insiders Guide to Making It In the Music Industry by Mark & Cathy Liggott $10.36

088188779X How to Have Your Hit Song Published by Jay Warner 11.96

0793550041 How to Make a Good Song a Hit Song: Rewriting and Marketing Your Lyrics and Music by Molly-Ann Leikin 10.36

0898797543 Music Publishing: A Songwriters Guide by Randy Poe 15.19

0898795443 Songwriters Market Guide to Song and Demo Submission Format by Donna Collingwood, ed. 13.99

0898797950 Songwriters Market 1998: 2000 Places to Market Your Songs by Cindy Laufenberg, ed. 18.39

0809248131 The Platinum Rainbow: How to Succeed In the Music Business Without Selling Your Soul by Bob Monaco/James Riordan (no price avail)

0812920589 Babes In Toyland; The Making and Selling of a Rock and Roll Band by Neal Karlen 15.40

1884615120 Book Your Own Tour! by Liz Garo 15.96

0823077551 This Business of Music by M. William Krasilovsky/Sidney Shemel 20.97

0823076423 More About This Business of Music by M. William Krasilovsky/Sidney Shemel 13.27

0793581346 All Area Access: A Personal Management Guide for the Unsigned Artist by Marc Davison 19.96

0671729071 Breaking Into the Music Business by Alan H. Siegel 11.20

0240802357 Concert Touring Production Management by John Vasey 15.96

091837118X How to Make Money: Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles by Jeffrey P. Fisher 27.96

0881889164 Making a Living In Your Local Music Market: How to Survive and Prosper by Dick Weissman/Ronny S. Schiff 11.96

0452268486 Making It In the Music Business: A Business and Legal Guide for Songwriters and Performers by Lee Wilson 10.36

081292435 The Mansion on the Hill: Dylan, Young, Geffen, Springsteen and the Head-On Collision of Rock and Commerce by Fred Goodman 17.50

0964870908 The Music Business (Explained in Plain English): What Every Artist and Songwriter Should Know to Avoid Getting Ripped Off! by David Naggar/Jeffrey D. Brandstetter 10.36

0517887843 The Music Business: Career Opportunities and Self-Defense by Dick Weissman 12.00

0918371163 Music Publishing: The Real Road to Music Business Success by Tim Whitsett 39.96

002870133X Music, Money, and Success: The Insiders Guide to the Music Industry by Jeffrey & Todd Brabec 21.00

013237322X The Musicians Business and Legal Guide by Mark Halloran (compiler) 35.95

0898795974 Networking in the Music Business by Dan Kimpel 14.93

096523410X Star Tracks: Principles for Success in the Music and Entertainment Business by Larry E. Wacholtz 13.56

0823077055 This Business of Artist Management by Xavier M. Frascogna Jr. 15.37

1565160002 You Can Make Money In Music: Everything a Musician Needs to Know to Become Steadily Employed As A Live Performer by Craig Warren Colley 11.96

0793566991 Get It In Writing: A Musicians Guide to Music Law by Brian McPherson 23.96

1884315171 Getting Radio Airplay: The Guide to Getting Your Music Played on College, Public, and Commercial Radio by Gary Hustwit 15.96

0823083292 How to Be A Working Musician: A Practical Guide to Earning Money In the Music Business by Mike Levine 13.56

0962920215 Rap: This Game of Exposure: Promoting Your Rap Record-Artist by Walt Goodridge 69.95

188461518X Releasing An Independent Record: How to Successfully Start and Run Your Own Record Label in the 1990s Gary Hustwit 24.95

0609800361 You Stand There: Making Music Videos by David Kleiler/Robert Moses 12.80

1851588507 Bands, Booze and Broads by Sheila Tracy 19.96

0806516178 Rock Names: From ABBA to ZZ Top: How Rock Bands Got Their Names by Adam Dolgins 8.76

0793572932 Audio Made Easy: (Or How to Be a Sound Engineer Without Really Trying) by Ira White 10.36

0918371171 The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Producing (Mix Pro Audio Series) by David Gibson/George Petersen, eds. 39.96

0823083004 Billboard Guide to Home Recording by Ray Baragary 15.96

0825615003 Craig Andertons Home Recording for Musicians by Craig Anderton 19.96

0793572223 The Drummers Studio Survival Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project (The Studio Series) by Mark Huntley Parsons/Rick Van Horn, eds. 10.36

0793559472 Getting Into Digital Recording: Digital Audio Basics, Operations, and Applications by Paul Lehrman 7.96

0898796512 Hot Tips for the Home Recording Studio by Hank Linderman 15.19

0918371112 How to Run a Recording Session (Pro Audio Series) by Jayce De Santis 18.36

1870775449 Live Sound: PA for the Performing Musicians by Peter Buick 15.16

0793527708 Making the Ultimate Demo; From Electronic Musician by Michael Molenda 14.36

0918371031 Modular Digital Multitracks: The Power Users Guide by George Petersen 23.96

0825614473 Multieffects for Musicians by Craig Anderton 15.96

0793514185 Music Producers: Conversations With Todays Top Record Makers (Mix Pro Audio Series) by Terri Stone 14.36

0825613787 Musicians Guide to Home Recording: How to Make a Great Record at Home by Peter McLan/Larry Wichman 19.96

0879302372 The Musicians Home Recording Handbook: Practical Techniques for Recording Great Music At Home by Ted Greenwald 15.96

0240803175 Practical Recording Techniques by Bruce & Jenny Bartlett 22.36

0918371120 Recording Industry Sourcebook 8th Ed. 1997 63.96

1870775457 Recording the Guitar by John Harris 12.76

0240514874 Sound and Recording: An Introduction (Music Technology Series) by Frances Rumsey, Tim McCormick 37.95

079353559X Sound Check: The Basics of Sound and Sound Systems 11.96

0793567017 Acoustic Instrument Amplification by Tom Mulhern 17.95

0313286949 Dictionary of Music Technology by Tristram Cary 85..00

0879303808 Digital Home Recording (Keyboard Music and Technology Series) by the Editors of Keyboard Magazine 19.95

1860741991 Home Recording Made Easy by Paul White 14.95

1850582319 Music and New Technology, the MIDI Connection by Gabriel Jacobs/Panicos Georghiades 22.95

0939067668 Recording, Syncing and Synths (Homestudio Recording Series) by Paul Goldfield 21.95

0028726936 Sound Advice: The Musicians Guide to the Recording Studio/CD Set by Wayne Wadhams 32.00

1870775074 Computers and Music by RA Penfold 11.16

156276215X How Music and Computers Work (How It Works) by Erik Holsinger 23.96

0879304901 Music and Computers: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Great Music With Your Computer by the Editors of Music and Computer Magazines 19.96

1870775384 Handbook of MIDI Sequencing by Dave Clackett 14.36

0028646827 Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by Charles Dodge/Thomas A. Jerse 42.00

0133032310 Electronic Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music by Joel Chadabe 35.00

0262193949 Beyond MIDI: The Handbook of Musical Codes by Eleanor Selfridge-Field, ed. 50.00

9026574824 Musical Signal Processing by Curtis Roads, ed. 99.00

0819553077 Any Sound You Can Imagine: Making Music/Consuming Technology by Paul Theberge 50.00

024080192X Concert Sound and Lighting Systems by John Vasey 18.36

0823075486 For Musicians Only (Billboard Books) by Claudia Suzanne/Thomas Stein/Michael Niehaus 11.96

0195058283 American Popular Music Business in the 20th Century by Russell & David Sanjek 32.50

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