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      Comm N Kanye round 2

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      Common Wants Kanye for New Album

      LOS ANGELES — After letting it Be with his last album, Common is going with a more evocative title for his follow-up, Finding Forever.

      "Finding Forever really means to find a place in music where you can exist forever," the rapper said last week (see "Kelly Clarkson, Common And Chris Brown Sing Albums' Praises"). "Music can be forever if you make it from the heart, if you make it from the soul and it's good. And I look at music like Bob Marley's or Marvin Gaye's or Stevie Wonder's or A Tribe Called Quest's, that's forever music. And I'm continuing on the quest to make forever music."

      Common is just starting to record what will be his seventh studio release, but he has a clear plan already laid out.

      "I want to work with Kanye again," Common said. "And I would love to work with Dr. Dre because it'll be something fresh for me, because I feel like he's someone who is a classic producer. I like people who can consistently do it throughout time and be great, and I feel that Dr. Dre is one of those individuals."

      Common is touring now through early March and is scheduled to perform at Coachella on April 29 (see "Tool And Franz Ferdinand Will Rock Coachella"), but he's most likely near the end of promoting last year's Be. If there is another single, it will be "They Say" featuring Kanye and John Legend, "but right now I think we're moving [on]," he said.

      The Chicago rapper, who has done a few television guest spots over the years, is also expanding his acting résumé. He just finished filming "Smokin' Aces," a crime drama due later this year that also features Alicia Keys in her theatrical debut (and Ben Affleck, Jeremy Piven, Andy Garcia, Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta; see "Jeremy Piven Psyched To Have 'Amazing Artist' Alicia Keys In 'Smokin' Aces' "). And Common will hit the big screen March 3 as a performer in "Dave Chappelle's Block Party," directed by Michel Gondry (see "Gondry + Chappelle = Dirty Lego Jokes? Not Even Close").

      "My hat line, Soji, is coming out too," Common added. "I know I've been talking about it for a minute, but it's coming now."

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      They need to search for a place that has peace. There is no peacful place thats peaceful forever with a bunch of keyboards, computers, electric guitars, and microphones.

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