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      I am the biggest hypocrite yo.." -Phonte

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      Xcellent for the "over conscious" hip-hoppers.........

      I am the biggest hypocrite yo.." -Phonte

      I am the biggest fuckin' hypocrite yo: All Star Weekend 2006

      So I was chillin' at the Boost Mobile party in Houston, dancin and watchin Jeezy perform "And Then What" while sippin' some orange drank when it hit me: I am the biggest fuckin' hypocrite yo……or at least that's how I probably appear to most of my fans right now….

      Oh, the irony.

      When we decided to name our album "The Minstrel Show," I pretty much had it in my mind that we would be misunderstood, misinterpreted, misrepresented and hated on by 'Them.' You see, all artists have an "Us vs. Them" complex when it comes to their careers because we all want what we PERCEIVE ourselves as not having. So best believe that for every LB or Doom who wants love from 'the streets,' there's also a 50 or Jeezy who wants that same respect from 'the true hip-hop niggas.'

      And therein lies the irony of the whole "Us vs. Them" mentality: Nobody ever knows what side they're REALLY on, or who their allies are.

      If you claim to represent 'Us', what do you do when the carpet is pulled from under you and you discover that *gasp* 'They' are really big fans of your work (i.e., Bun B. bigging up Minstrel Show)? Or even more importantly, what do you do once the tables turn in your favor and you suddenly BECOME one of 'Them" (i.e., Kanye)? Y'all follow me?

      Which brings us up to this past NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston….

      Now normally, I avoid these kinds of events (i.e. Howard Homecoming, South Beach, etc..) simply because unless I'm working, I have no reason to be there. I don't drank, I don't smoke, I don't luhhh dese hoes (anymore), and I really don't fuck with clubs unless its somebody like Jeff, Rich Medina, Bobbito, or one of my niggas spinnin.... Those star studded 'industry events' really aint my thing…..I'm a 'sit at home and watch my DVArrah' kinda nigga….

      So what happened when Tigallo, a self-confessed studio hermit and overall hater of all things that involve any more than 4 people, begrudgingly went out to the biggest weekend in Houston?

      He got hit with a flurry of jabs and sucker punches that shattered his pre-conceived notions and left him flat on his hypocritical ass.

      It started when we went out to the Atlantic dinner and hooked up with Kev Liles and Fat Joe. It didn't really surprise me to know that Joe was up on our shit, because after all he IS in a little clique called D.I.T.C., who along with Primo, Pete and The Beatminerz, are responsible for damn near all of the classic early 90's hip hop that shaped my career. Nah, that was nothing…

      The first surprise of the night came from who?

      Mike Jones.


      Mike Jones!


      I gave Mike a pound and was like, "yo…..I'm glad your hard work is paying off fam, much respect…."

      To my surprise, he was like "yo, man…I been bumping y'all shit…..y'all niggas dope…"

      Huh? What? © Joeski Love

      Again, the whole "Us vs. Them" complex rears its head on both sides. I think Mike was equally as surprised to know that me and Pooh were up on his mixtape shit as well as his cameos with Consequence and Warren G……

      But the Mike Jones incident was just a hard right that connected on the chin…

      The sucker punch of the night came courtesy of Mr. F. Baby Please Say The Baby himself at the radio station, when out of NOWHERE, Wayne says on the air, 'yo, shout out to Little Brother waitin out in the hallway, them dudes be spittin'…..niggas is dope…'

      HUH? WHAT? (c) Joeski Love

      All this time I'm thinking Wayne didn't have a clue of who we were…

      It got even crazier when we talked out in the hallway and he was like, 'yo, I'm working on Dedication 2 right now….let's do something….." I even told him about my 'He Speaks So Well" blog and how its fucked up that cats consider him one of the best in the South instead of one of the best period. He just kinda laughed and shook his head. I think he's well aware of the bias that a lot of northern cats have against him…

      Sooooo kids……….what did I learn from all this?


      Niggas love to make generalizations. Yes, even me.

      I think my whole experience this past year with "The Minstrel Show" was a textbook lesson on how perception is SO MUCH more important than reality. It's sad but true….

      The perception of your average pimped out, gangsta'ed up, ice-grilled rapper is that them niggas are just dope boys who are contributing to the death of 'the culture' one verse at a time, and have no idea about 'real' hip-hop.

      The reality is that Gangstalicious and 'nem are probably listening to the same Common/Mos/LB/Roots shit that you are.

      Conversely, the 'perception' of Little Brother is that we are true-school hip-hop enthusiasts (read: music snobs), who only listen to 'conscious rap' (whatever the fuck that means….) and turn their noses up at anything dated after 1995.

      The REALITY of Little Brother is that in addition to Tribe and De La, we also grew up listening to some of the most violent, misogynist, ignant shit ever like 2 Live Crew and early Rap-A-Lot, and when "Laffy Taffy" dropped last night in the club, niggas was tipsy as hell, laughing our asses off, leanin and rockin with it, and having the time of our lives just like everybody else.

      Do I think "Minstrel Show" was a mistake? Absolutely not. It's a record that I'm extremely proud of, and I felt needed to be made.

      Do I think people just looked at the title and thought, "Eh……these niggas is on some holier-than-thou, talented tenth shit" and missed the music? Hmmm….possibly so.

      And I accept my responsibility on that part….Bun's interview helped me see that. Maybe as an emcee I didn't fully articulate that 'pro-Minstrel Show' doesn't automatically mean 'anti-Get Rich or Die Trying'….its just all about trying to strike a balance between the two..….

      Hopefully, our upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama ('Separate But Equal') will help bring cats back down to earth so to speak, and help kick up dust for our next single/video (I'm 90% sure its gonna be "Slow It Down")……. Its just ironic that cats have to come back 'down to earth' because I always considered myself lyrically to be pretty personal and painfully honest with my shit…..

      Oh well…..

      There's always that Percy Miracles, Yolanda Adams, and T-Pain duet I can hook up if this rap shit don't pan out…..

      That would be so fitting for a fuckin hypocrite like me.

      Still leanin, and still rockin,

      Tigallo, aka Mr. Chic-o-Stic

      This has been a Real Nigga PSA(R), sponsored by the Percy Miracles Foundation
      "If anybody can't live under AFRIKAN POWER show 'em where tha airport is, tha shipyard is or where the graveyard is" <> Dr. J. H. Clarke (Christopher Columbus Grand Theft Genocide)

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      The reality is that Gangstalicious and 'nem are probably listening to the same Common/Mos/LB/Roots shit that you are.
      Not where I'm from, LMAO!!!

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      "Seen hype become fame against the grain become main-stream
      It all seems mundane in the scope of thangs..." - Common

      Excellent article.

      FUCK labels.

      Pyrrhic Victory (New songs are up!):

      Some people take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, when in actuality, no one else is really taking them as seriously as they think.

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      good article, but seriously though - Gangstalicious and 'nem IS KILLING our community one verse at a time...somebody send me the url to his blog. i'd like to know what else he is thinking on..
      All is Well. Workin' Hard - Tryin' to Save Time for Fam. Check in Periodically.

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      Yo Phon-tigga this your boy Seven from Lost Colony. I feel you bro, and I hope we all as artists find a deeper appreciation for one another and get past this divisive underground/ commercial bullshit. UHURU comrade
      "...this kill a cop mentality stem from me bein pro-Black."- Saigon, "Say Yes"

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