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      One of my comrades hooked me up with a copy of Tahir's last album "Hood Economics"...Aye...all I can say is that Tahir is now my FAVORITE rapper/producer. I can't hardly listen to anything else right now. I'm TRYING VERY HARD to put other albums into rotation, but all I really want to hear right now is Hood Economics. I think the new M1 album is out too. I might not get around to M1's album for awhile. This Tahir is TOO BANGIN'!!! I know that Tahir is a member of the forums. I don't know if he has peeped the forums in a minute, but Ta...if you are out there...yo bruh...your s*** is AMAZING!!! 3 albums that's BANGERS!!! PLUS the s*** you did for DPZ!!! On top of all TRUE to the struggle??? NUTHIN' BUT RESPECT FROM ME, BRUH!!!

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      Where can you cop that Rebel???
      The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.

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