I have been looking at all of the various threads, so to make sure that this forum flows along more smoothly, adhere to these rules:

1. SEARCH before you post. There are about a billion threads regarding Immortal Technique in this forum. Lol. It's really easy, and it limits the time that I have to spend merging and deleting repeat posts.

2. NO RUMOURS! This is NOT the place to gossip about your favorite or un-favorite artist. Do that through a private message. For more reasons why I dislike gossip, go to this thread: Gossip & Power of Word/Perception as Hexing or Bad Magic

3. NO INSULTS. Disagreements are going to be common, that much is understood, but under NO circumstances will I tolerate ANYONE insulting one's choice in music. Any such condescending actions will force me to bring you back down to Earth.

4. Make sure that the content of what you post is about MUSIC or a MUSIC ARTIST. Films, T.V., etc. go into the "conscious entertainment" forum.


If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to PM me.

Peace and Love.