Nesa notes: That's it I'm going to demand publishing company's give me a Because if 50 and Snoop can do it, they need to publish people that actually have something to say.....

Rapper Snoop Dogg Writing His First Novel
Rapper Snoop Dogg Writing His First Novel


LOS ANGELES, CA, United States (UPI) -- Los Angeles-based rap superstar Snoop Dogg is writing a novel for Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, it was reported Thursday.

'Love Don`t Live Here No More' is expected to hit U.S. store shelves in October, The Book Standard reported on its Web site. It is expected to be the first in a series of 'street lit' offerings from the rapper.

The story follows a young Southern Californian`s struggle to make it out of the mean streets and into the world of hip-hop.

'Snoop, by nature of what he does, is a storyteller,' Atria`s Kathleen Schmidt told The Book Standard.

Schmidt said the rapper should be able to broaden his audience by putting his words on paper.

'Books speak more to a female audience than does his music, so these novels give him an opportunity to show, particularly his female fans, another side,' she said.