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      Immortal Technique's Statement

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      A Day w/o Immigrants March May 1st-Shut this Country Down!
      Immortal Technique's Statement on Immigration

      The people of this nation that truly believe in democracy must be students of history as well and understand that the indigenous right to life supersedes corporate profit and the agenda of either America or Mexico's government. Both of which working under the guise of a democratic base conceive a methodology to keep their citizens at war while their capitalist foundation grows more totalitarian and corrupted by the passing day. This country has many topics immigration being one of them as a beautiful distraction. So let us solidify ourselves on this one, and move ahead to where the empire is consolidating its power. Military Industry, Prison Industry, Environmental Law changes, and of course the scientific mapping of the human genealogy that will give life a new price tag.

      That said, the immigration issue is a complicated one, there is no one side because every side is multi dimensional. This creates the need for extended discussion starting with the acknowledging of basic human rights. For example, because I question and am critical of Israel's foreign policy doesn't mean and will never mean that I am Anti-Semitic. I believe in Israeli Jews having the right to exist and having a right to life and property, but just not at a costs to a Palestinians. We don't need to starve people to eat. Only a fascist regime would claim to be neutral to criticism and disallow the standards of international human rights law to be applicable to itself. If this is true for my opinions and the opinion of many, then how could it not hold true for the immigrant issue? I don't believe that every white person who is concerned with border security and with the flow of economic and political refugees from Central and South America is racist. There are people who have genuine concerns about their safety and their means of sustenance and I have come to understand that clearly.

      Unfortunately, there is a very powerful racist element among the Minutemen and among whites who are opposed to any form of settlement. See the bottom is this, not even the most conservative Nazi militia in America is opposed to Mexican/Central American workers, farmers, practical slaves that do a job. The problem has ALWAYS been about us staying here. Or as I see it, returning to our homes that we have a right to more than any religion can claim Jerusalem. For we as an indigenous people have lived here on this side of the Earth well before the great grand parents of Abraham were even born.

      We are good enough to slave and toil for America but when we ask that our rights be the same as citizens, that our labor treatment be the same as America's then it becomes an issue. We should "know our place" in the world is sentiment that they have, and truthfully have always had since the first illegal immigration crime wave of 1492 began. But the reality is this. That America is changing, the culture of America is changing. The world as we know it here in America will cease to exist soon and if we hold onto who we are as a people, hold onto our culture, our women, our children, our language, our strength in honor, respect and our faith...Then how could our spirit ever be broken. How can our soul which belongs to God and not us in the first place ever be taken. Revolucion just like our people, doesn't ask to born it is a force of nature that balances the oppression created by mankind himself.


      On May 1st, international demonstrations are demanding a comprehensive immigrant reform to ensure the rights and dignity of our immigrant communities. From Philadelphia to San Francisco, millions of immigrants and allies will leave school and work, and take the streets of the United States demanding dignity and an end to immigrant attacks in Congress. From Buenos Aires to Mexico City, there will be a boycott of US products. From Tehran to Sao Paulo, millions will celebrate International Workers Day.

      Arab/Iranian/Muslim Contingent
      Meet at 10:30 AM - YERBA BUENA GARDERNS (Mission between 3rd & 4th)
      Contingent will march with other immigrant groups and meet up with the Rally and March at 11 AM Justin Herman Plaza, Embarcadero

      If you're out of town, please join the protests or demonstrations in your region. No matter where you are, you can join the boycott of U.S. products. We need to send a message loud and clear to the U.S. Government that we won't tolerate the effort to make criminals (felons!) out of working people (lining them up to be slave labor behind the walls). If the multinational corporations can trample on the sovereignty of other nations, exploit their workers in sweatshops and the like, crossing borders with impunit; then the workers of the world should have the same privileges to find work. Since this is now an economic global village with the big conglomerates (Star Bucks, McDonalds, Nike, Microsoft, Exxon, etc.) racing to the bottom wages in Asia, esp. China, Latin America, Africa, etc., workers must unite to demand higher wages and benefits and to be treated as world citizens no matter where they are.

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      hell yea blow up the borders

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