For anybody, especially musicians who arrogantly proclaim that Rap music is NOT music, due to lack of live instrumentation, a specific group of HipHop essentials from Illadelph by the name of the ROOTS is a collective of middlefingers to that notion.These musicians are an OMNI-POTENT BAND, & they have the stage show that PROVES it, which puts them on a pedestal above most other artists within & without their genre.

Friday, May 19th at Radio City Music Hall in NYC,was another monumental night in the history of HIPHOP. It commenced with an Afrikan brother singing melodies to us directly from the SOUL of the Motherland.Once he warmed us up with such a spiritual intro,in from the FRONT door marches the ROOTS crew, showing their down-to-earthology to their ever-loving fans,Black Thought going off the top flowing with a mega-phone in his grip as they all made way to the stage.

The ROOTS ignited the ceremony with a few classics, then here comes the best actor/emcee of today letting us know that he's still HipHop & ya don't stop,with the flawless lyricism,Mr. Mighty Mos Def. Mos finessed it for the ladies of course, with his slammin *Ms Fat Booty* & *Umi Says* for those of us who appreciate his signature jazz-oriented singing style; however,I was blown through the roof when he blazed the building with his underground classic 12",the Universal Magnetic,which only the purists are wise to.

From the genesis of the festivities to in between their guests performances,the ROOTS bodyrocked the party with such core classics as My Mellow My Man,What They Do,the Next Movement, You Got Me, Love of My Life & Stay Cool.

Slum Village pounced on the scene & hit us with Raise it Up & Selfish......a Nubian Queen blessed us with more traditional Afrikan delights.....Bilal gave us a taste of Rhythm & Blues that was as effortlessly released as it was soulful......and speaking of soul, the GODDESS of HipHop SOUL:Ms.Erykah BADU materialized in the physical right out of seventh heaven,equipped with her back up singers & infamous afro-wig, only to be the initial highlight of the night.As she got into her groove , she undeniably became the MOON in total reflection to the radiance of Black Thought's SUN. Erykah never fails to engulf the souls of her audience with that uncompromisable energy she brings forth.

More highlights of Friday night were the solo shinings of D.J.Jazzy Jeff{still a SUPREME terrorist of turntablism}, the ROOTS Crew band itself, & the hysterical comedy of Dave Chappelle[schoolin us on the PIMP game ] & you thought the surprises ended there? NOPE! Entering centerstage in a hoodie was none other than.....JAY-Z. RadioCity went HAYWIRE, as he proceeded to let off two bullets from his musical arsenal. It warms my heart to see that multitudes of HipHop heads can show that kind of love for Jiggaman at a ROOTS concert.I LOVE the unpredictability of HIPHOP.

From Afrikan music, to Jazz,Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, SOUL,to HIPHOP, when you attend a ROOTS event, brace yourself for the ULTIMATE LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE.....It's guaranteed.