i think lil kim can pull it off. unfortunately i think she is very misunderstood. her self-esteem/self-worth are what drive her the most, probably more so than money. at this point, it may be possible for her to see that regardless of how much she changes herself to look like "them" instead of "us" they will still treat her like they have always treated "us." perhaps she will begin to love herself enough to do something about it. one thing people should realize is that lil kim is a business woman, and therefore should not be under estimated.

while she may not rise to a personal level of understanding and self-esteem to realize that she degrades herself and her fellow women, i think she may reach a more global "hood" understanding that the justice system is indeed flawed. also, while she may take SOME steps to address this, i wouldn't expect a 180 degree turn from her. if she is on that path, it will take some time.

but don't worry, i'm not holding my breath. lol. i did say possible, not probable. ;-)