*Please note, Dr. Mustafa Ansari and Princess Adinasse, as well as the Yoruba Oduduwa Media Network and myself have "adopted" the study group to which these outstanding young men belong. They aree under the tuteledge of the esteemed Dr. Maulana of the AWRRTC:
http://www.awrrtc.org. They urge your support and sponsorship of this group. You can hear the song and view the video here:

and http://www.yomn.net

These young men from Ghana will put in an appearance at this Wednesday's International Throwdown in Praise of the African Woman.
"Ghana ain't playin wit it" either!

AFRIKAN WORLD REPARATIONS AND REPATRIATION TRUTH COMMISSION (AWRRTC) is a non-profit commission comprised of Continental and Repatriated Africans living in Ghana. The Truth Commission was mandated and formed by the participants of the First Emancipation Day Celebrations held in August 1998, in Accra, Ghana. AWRRTC is an Ancestry everywhere to determine their own ancestry.

AWRRTC is committed to the promotion of Reparations and Repatriation of All African People (the Pan African World) who were directly affected by the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism. AWRRTC is seeking fraternal alliances with all organizations, governments, societies, of African Descent, who are striving to redeem Africa and her descendants. Moreover, we see Reparations and Repatriation to serve as one of the strategies to regain our inherent Cultural Heritage and legacy. This is primarily to build Africa and communities in the Diaspora, where African descendants are trapped in the cycle of poverty, racism, and de-Africanisation of the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

P.O. Box 19422 ,
Accra –North
3rd August, 2006

Project Monkz is a RAP group that seeks to project true African concepts and values via the medium of Hip-Hop. The group is made up of extremely talented youth in the art of poetry and linguistics in this genre of music: Hip Hop. The members of this Rap group are not mere fanatics of Hip Hop music but rather an offspring of the study of African Consciousness and the Mastery of RAP Linguistics. It is made of four key members namely Ramses, Sun Rays, Issa da Habinjah backed by Saint Quran the Head Monk. The members of this group are known as monks because they believe they exist only as a single unit when they abide by common code of ethics.
The Project Monkz has another offshoot being the Project Monkz Academy made up of similar talents such as Leo Africanus, etc. The Project Monkz itself has made a debut with the single album based on Slavery, known as “Never Again”. This single hit album dissects the whole act of slavery and pronounces a total ban on slavery. Project Monks evolved from a mother group known as Black Monkz, made up a host of talented rappers. This mother group is widely known in Ghana for pioneering the enlistment of African Consciousness and Culture into Hip-Hop music since 1995. The Black Monkz is also a label in itself as well as being a group, this is because the members were sought for and refined by the producer Alpha (Saint Quran).

To liberate the minds of the youth and to create more awareness of the original African Archetype.
To promote emancipation of sons and daughters of Africa , by tackling Pan-African topics, such as repatriation, reparations, redemption, colonialism etc.
To promote peace, unity, love and progress and mutual respect between Africans home and abroad.
To revolutionize this genre of music: Hip-Hop into a wholly African paradigm.
The Project Monkz have been and are also geared towards working in partnership with NGOs and other organizations that seek to promote African Consciousness both in the local and international arena. Currently our Single Hit Album: Never Again has gotten us an invitation from the Director of the African Socialist International (ASI), Bro Omali Yeshitela to this years African Socialist International (ASI) Conference in Great Britain/United kingdom specifically London, on the 6th of October. We are being called upon to make a presentation of this particular album and express the deep concern of Ghana , and Africa as a whole on the issue of Slavery. It is highly essential for us to grace such a monumental event as Ghanaians. Firstly because such promotional opportunities that help us distribute our kind of music are hard to come bye, and also because of the publicity demands of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Ghana ’s Independence .

Even though we have an invitation, ASI is not registering us, buying our visas or tickets. Rather we are supposed to come up with an amount that will be sufficient enough to get the group in and out of London . Our appeal is for your outfit to help us financially meet these flight requirements: acquisition of visas and purchasing of tickets.

The Director of Propaganda ASI has sent the documents necessary for the acquisition of visas and we are yet to receive it. But we have attached to this letter the proof that we have been invited to this conference.
The first part of the registration process has been completed; we only have to pay the fee.
Concerning our tickets we are appealing for a donation from your company, based on contractual agreements, so we would also make a reciprocal offer: benefits.
expenses for the group for 2 weeks in London .

(Project monks) COST
(All Heads)
Visa 4 $186/1671,000
cedis $743/6,684,000
Registration Fee 1(group) $75/690,000 cedis $75/690,000
Tickets to UK 4 $1,000/9,200,000 cedis $4,000/$36,800,000
Living Expenses 4 $500/4,600,000 cedis $2,000/18,400,000
TOTAL EXPENSES $6,818/62,725,600 cedis

At the moment we are trying to sell our CDs by hand as a means of raising funds. We kindly like your outfit to look at how best and quickly you could support this flight.
N/B Even if your outfit cannot provide us with all we need , we appeal that you make a donation to support it.


Afrikan Sistahs Doin Tha Damn Thang...
sistahs ain't playin!
Pulling together in the african spirit of Harambee
for progress