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      The 'Bible of Hip Hop' Files for Bankruptcy...

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      Hip Hop’s self proclaimed ‘bible of hip hop’, The Source Magazine, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after deceitful business practices by former management caused the hip-hop publications advertisers to flee, according to court papers in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. Read the Full Story

      RBG Street Scholar Editorial: "Cultural Bandits" in every since of Nana Kuntu's books. How the hell did two white boys create something that became the "bible of our cultural creation" anyway? Because we won't support a real brotha or sista trying to do the same thing the other way around (for the people). It has been a major player in the distraction and miseducation of our youth and children.They played the typical devil tricknology game. Black cultural-economic exploitation by coporate crackas. Recruit a few unconscious black faces to put on front street and talk about a 10% substantitive issues superimposed on 90% trash and then take em to the cleaners. But what do you expect from a lil white magizine in black face.

      "The Source was started originally by David Mays and Jon Shecter while they both attended Harvard University. The two were once radio DJs and hosted Street Beat on the college radio station WHRB. Mays and Shecter, both white men, were influenced by hip-hop and wanted to give praise by devoting coverage to the rising music genre. The Source originally started as a concert newsletter. Its popularity became known when The Source scored an interview with LL Cool J. The Source was growing from one small newsletter to a mainstream magazine." Wikipedia

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      Im glad that the Source can start over from scratch now. Those white clowns have/had nothing to do with our kulture. They just made a lot of dead slave owners and fucked over a lot of people.

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