10. Wee Papa Girls/Medusa
9. Roxanne Shante
8. Missy Elliott
7. MC Lyte
6. Conscious Daughters
5. Sista Souljah
4. Queen Latifah
3. Bahamadia
2. Queen Godis
1. Ladybug Mecca/L Boogie

I don't care what anybody says, of the "femcees" I've heard, this is the order of the day right heah!!! Nobody mentioned Queen Godis, but I betcha if she came up out of the Underground, nearly EVERYBODY would sit down. Then, they'd stand back up for an ovation. I don't care what anybody says, when Ladybug Mecca gets ta flowin' (and it's so natural and effortless), I don't care if she's WHISPERING, she's got EVERYBODY's undivided attention, no less than L Boogie, whom I can't say ENOUGH good things about, either. That's a tie right there.

Honorable Mention:

Boss, Yoyo, Finesse & Synquis (sp?), Mony Love