Hey, Everyone.

Does anyone listen to The Michael Baisden Show on Fridays? Every Friday, his show's focus is "The B-Side" on which artists who generally have GOOD lyrics and the music to go along with them are featured. He seems very passionate about encouraging artists/bands who are coming with substance and good music to submit their work. He says that NO material goes unchecked, that he/his staff listens to all submitted work. I know too that quite a few of the artists Michael Baisden featured on his show were almost unheard of, but he really DID help to blow them up and make what they had to offer known to all listening.

So two things... If you haven't checked out The B-Side, you might want to. Number two: If you're a good artist who has something to say, a good voice to say/sing itryme it in and some good music playing (or if you have good music alone), you might want to send it.