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      I'm not being apologetic for anyone, thats just the reality of the situation. And no, I don't consider Eminem my enemy, the 2% of this population that control and distribute the majority of the wealth are my enemies, this imperialistic gov't, racist pigs, and self serving politicians are my enemies. Even those among US, who oppose Afrikan reparations are my enemy to a certain extent, because they are undermining everything that we're fighting for.




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      Quote Originally Posted by Baritone Scholar
      I'm not playing devil's advocate, but the reality is, is that the majority, and damn near all black mainstream/street/gangsta rappers degrade, debase, and humiliate our women to an extent that Eminem never could. Not that, that excuses Eminem, I was probably more upset than most of you. I said all that to say, that I actually listened to his new album all the way through. I bought the 'Slim Shady' LP, and I bootlegged 'The Eminem Show', but anyway he has a song on his new album where he talks about hip hop when groups such as 'X-Clan', and 'PE' were 2 of the most popular groups, and how he used to wear Afrikan medallions and other black paraphanelia, because he was engulfed in the culture. And how he used to get his ass kicked all the time by our ppl for doing so, and he also spoke on the Benzino incident which was the motivation for this thread. After listening to what he had to say, and what Benzino had to say, I agree that Eminem fcked up, but I also know that Benzino has a complex, because this didn't have anything to do with morality, or integrity(..which it should have been), only the color of his skin. Because Benzino has been PUBLICLY degrading black women for over 10 years. So ABSOLUTELY NO, I don't and never will excuse Eminem for what he said, but atleast he apologized to our women. Will Benzino ever apologize ?
      It's like when dead prez said "I blame it on the system BUT THE PROBLEM IS OURS"

      We have to solve our own problems (no matter who "creates" the problems for us). We can't expect Eminem to solve our problems or to "feel" us or whatever.

      But you made some good points bruh.

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      I never liked Emenim or Justin Timberlake. They have parodied and earned a good living off acting like the worse of us. They are nothing but modern day Al Jolsen's. Most, not all, Black rappers are nothing but modern day mistriels who are tap dancing for suburban white youth. They are sellouts. Hopefully our Black youth and those older Black kats who follow rap will come to see this.

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