Krudas Cubensi is a collective of women, a tribe who believes in woman's actions as a central part of World change " That is very much neended".
Krudas Cubensi are three artist who work in varied mediums. Through Hip Hop;
Visual Art; Street Theater and Poetry.
From La Havana, Cuba, the group is composed by two sisters Odaymara y Odalys Cuesta and Olivia Prendes. The original founders of "Agrupación de Creación Alternativa Cubensi" in 1996 and then in 1999 they form the Hip Hop group Krudas Cubensi. Internationally recognized Krudas Cubensi has performed in spaces such as Teatro Nacional de Cuba, Cine Teatro Guaso ,Teatro Acapulco, Anfiteatro Almendares, Teatro America, Anfiteatro de Alamar in Cuba ; Canopy Club, Blueberry Hill, Blue Note, Knickerbockers, Granada Theatre, Waiting Room ,House of Blue Theatre ,Women Building, Galeria de la Raza , La Peña Cultural Center, Picador Theatre ; Majestic Theatre; Pabst Theater & Blind Pig ,S.O.B.s (NY) and more in US.
In addition, they have had collaborated in varios art projects and have performed with artist such as Sekou Sundiata (e.p.d); Herencia Reggae Band , Obsesion , Anonimo Consejo, Paisanos, Hermanos de Causa , Paso Firme. D'bi Young y Omegas Kilay. Aya de Leon; Goddessa Alchemy Project; Common; La Bruja; Patty Duke; Rebeldiaz; Climbing Poetree; Bronouwt ;Dj P.O.W; Sevilla del Mazo; Buscando el Monte; Antibalas Orchestra (2006 Spring Tour) & many more.

"For good people, for the women of the world and peace and our mothersFor the resistance by matriarchal cultures , matriarchal reserves ,matriarchal customs to continue the eternal struggle for a life in balance"…Olivia Prendes.
"There' s not real revolution whithout women"…Odaymara Cuesta.