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      Detroit via Goree Island
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      New Music Quiz Answers

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!


      1. c
      2. c
      3. "I have death in my pouch or I carry death in my pouch"
      4. c
      5. c
      6. b
      7. c
      8. a
      9. a
      10. c

      0 wrong you know yo history
      1-2 wrong you may need to be refreshed
      3 wrong you still a student
      4 wrong, it was the motown questions
      5 wrong you a britney spears fan
      6 or more wrong, you a shame to the skin you wear...


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      shame on me

      Elisa Marvena Nyarai

      SANKOFA Asociación Cultural

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      Cool Kefentse, somebody need to break your computer...LOL

      0 Not allowed! Not allowed!
      Now on that Temptation question there was some brother who may have left the group right at the beginning in there very early years, but at that time the Temptations as we know them had not formed, or even took on the name as I can remember…so I’m questioning this one…give me some documentation on this one my brother. Who is Al?

      Now, the fact that Jimi Hendrix was with the Isley Brothers is a real obscure one…I never heard this one…but like I said a lot of people didn’t know he played with Bobbi Womack and this fact is missing in some of his bio’s…I need to research that one also…

      And I was just about to say Curtis Mayfield, but I know he had a bad stage accident several years before he died even though he was still singing and writing, and I just couldn’t get my timeline together…

      Now the rap questions...well...that's just unfair to us old soldiers...LOL

      I guess I got enough wrong to go to and order that Best of Britney Spears collection for a $1.95...LOL ...for I can't do nothin' about this Brown earth suit I'm wearing...LOL


      Remember... there is no spoon...

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      OMG!!!!!!!! I failed miserably!!!! for

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